Saturday, 4 July 2015

No Sew Bunting - Bunting For Children To Make

At the weekend I made some no sew bunting with Tilly after being shown how to do it at BritMums Live, It was so easy to do and a perfect arts and craft projects for the children to do in the summer holidays. I am not going to waffle on too much because when I use blog posts to find out how to do something, I love the pictures rather than all the writing. So over to Miss Tilly......

You need:
Eight triangles cut out of a fabric, use anything you like as long as you can glue it
Fabric glue
Tape, ribbon, Bias binding etc, anything you can use to hang the triangles from.

Fold the ribbon or tape over all along the whole length.

Leave a length of tape at the end so you can tie it to something later on, when you want to hang it. then place a triangle under the tape so you can measure how much glue you will need. Then apply glue along the length of tape, that is as long as the top of the triangle

place the triangle over the glued part of tape.

Add glue to the top the triangle........

....... and fold it over. then fold the tape over to the top of the glued triangle. As you add more triangles, you will see the small gap between them. You can glue this down or leave it as it is. 

This bunting is so easy to make, and you can change the variety so much to suit yourself. you could use pinking shears to add a bit of a pattern to your bunting and you could use different fabrics to add some variety.

for a more natural looking bunting, use string instead of tape and glue the triangles at the top and fold the fabric over the string. Make sure the seam is at the back.

Tilly wanted to hang her bunting from the tree in our street, a random place to put it, but she is happy! we also added some bunting to the garden fence.

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