Thursday, 13 August 2015

An Afternoon For Free In London, Visiting Hyde Park And Its Hidden Gems

Little Miss Tilly is such a city girl, she LOVES being in London and exploring, so when we were in London for a Press event, I asked her what she wanted to do afterwards, she was in charge and she could make all the decisions. So what she chose actually surprised me, She wanted to get on a bus to Hyde park and then walk in Hyde park. She goes to London so often she is a whizz on the tube, but she does like to get the bus to see some of the sights. 
Bus selfie
Waiting for the bus

We arrived at Hyde Park corner and there was a little information booth where they sold little photo copies of a hand drawn map for 10p. Now if you have a child, you will know how important maps are to them because they are in so many fairy stories and it encourages imagination, for Tilly it became a treasure map and she was making sure she took charge.

It took us quite a while to walk from one end of Hyde park to the other, and I think it was more than Tilly had really wanted to do, but the things she learned along her little walk, couldn't have been experienced any other way. 
Reading the map
beautiful flower beds
Don't you just hate the fork in the road? deciding which way to go
This tree was so heavy that the leaves were hanging on the ground and kids were able to play inside
checking out the ducks and swans
Following the map
There were so many different flowers, trees and animals to see in the Park, there were squirrels running freely. Ducks and swans on the lake, Parakeets in the trees that came down to feed from your hand if you held out some seeds for them as well as endless bugs and butterflies. Tilly really did get down with her nature side whilst in the park. The people were so friendly too, they would say hello as they passed or smiled if they were in a rush. When you think that Hyde Park is in the middle of the busiest city in UK and yet you find a small secluded area where people have time to stop and enjoy the surroundings.
Norway holds a special place in our heart. War memorial for Norwegians 

There is a lack of public loo's in Hyde park so we popped into a gallery to be cheeky and ask if we could use theirs, but what we saw surprised me! for something stumbled upon almost by accident, we were enthralled. Why would you pay to go and see some wax works at Madame Tussards when you can look at this art in the gallery in Hyde Park? Tilly is 5 years old, so she loved seeing them. She doesn't know a famous person in Madame Tussards, yet she associates with these sculptures that offer an insight to real life. I have only posted a few pictures but it was well worth a visit. go to the Serpentine Sackler Gallery to see the Duane Hanson sculptures. Its FREE too.

After the gallery we continued our walk where Tilly fed parakeets, chased squirrels and went to see the Peter Pan fountain before we finally left the park through Kensington Gardens and got a tube train back to the train station. We had a lovely day for the cost of a 10p map in the park. All the best things in life are free and if you find yourself in London take an afternoon to do what we did
Hose pipe fountain

feeding parakeets

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