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Being A Blogger

Thanks to Laura at for the tag, of my life being a blogger, so here goes.

Gives me opportunities to offer different life experiences to Tilly

I am a single mum and having only one income from a part time job, doesn't go far at all. So when we are lucky to be invited on holidays and days out, It means I am still able to give Tilly a really lucky time. I am also a big believer in kids learning with things they experience in life. So every time we go to an event or are asked to review an attraction, she is soaking up information.

I DON'T get free stuff!!!

When your a blogger, there is a big thing that your getting loads of stuff for free, when in reality all bloggers work hard for the things they are given. It is a big misconception that we get free stuff. Bloggers can usually be found actively of social media at 1am, when they are trying to get posts written up after the kids and husband have all gone to bed.

I don't let Tilly eat food until I take a photo

If it looks good, it has to go on Instagram! I take my pictures and a little voice says 'Can I eat it now?'.

I have an outlet for my worries, my achievements, my proud mummy moments.

A blog is an online diary and we write about things we do, its a place where I can about the things I do. Its a place I can share my proud moments with my family and a place where I can really be me. I can add pictures and know there is a place where everything is recorded for Tilly to be able to read when she is older.

Social Media

Since I started blogging I have learned that there are other social media platforms and its not just all about Facebook. I can not Tweet, Pin and Instagram. using the different platforms has helped me to keep in touch with brands and friends. Twitter has introduced me to brands and helped to share my blog posts with other people worldwide.

Working with brands

Blogging has bought me brands, it means I get to try things that otherwise, I wouldn't of heard about. It brings brand awareness, As I work in retail it makes it easy to work with the brands that I have blogged about. I get to try products that I wouldn't be able to try otherwise. And I have people asking me if a product is good or not, the fact people read what I write about something and make a choice whether to buy it or not - kind of gives me a kick!

The Blogging Community

I have met a load of amazing and helpful people in the blogging community. If there is a problem there is always someone to support you. If you have an achievement, there is someone to enjoy it with you. If you need help with something, you can be sure someone will be able to help you.

I never sleep

My mind is often buzzing at the worst time of the day - bedtime. It then  means I am up through the night working on my blog (the time right now is 12.40AM). Then just as I switch the light off to go to sleep, another idea pops into my head.

Everybody knows my business

Everyone knows where I have been, what I have done, What I am doing........ Tilly gets a little confused when we go to events and everyone knows her name.

My blog posts help others

I like that my blog posts are read by people who might need to read them, people suffering from PND or mental health problems. People are often affected with things that have affected a blogger and its good that they can find a familiar person to associate with, to know that they are not the only person with the same problem.

Being a blogger means I think about my blog all the time

I am always thinking about my blog, always wondering what I can write next, always thinking of ways to improve the photgraphs I take. I dont worry so much about stats these days, but when your a new blogger, you worry about them all the time. I am happy just to post.

You Google your own name!

The temptation of googling your name is too much and you do it to check what your top posts are, you check to see if anyone is writing about you.

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