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How Do Your Kids Get Their 5 A Day? #InnocentFiveADay #competition

Little Miss T loves fruit and even better smoothies, So when we were invited along to Innocent Towers in August to learn how to make smoothies and to show Little Miss how important fruit and veg is to her. She has grown up on Innocent smoothies as I love them because they come in handy individual cartons. They are colourful, fun and certainly appeal to children, So why do I let Little Miss Tilly drink Innocent smoothies?

  • They are a naturally delicious way to get a portion of fruit and veg into your little ones
  • Each smoothie contains one of their 5-a-day
  • With a wide variety of ingredients such as beetroot, carrots, apples and pumpkin, they’re a great way to enjoy lots of different fruits and veg
  • Crammed full of 100% pure crushed fruit and veg
  • They are the only kids fruit & veg smoothies on the market and available from all good supermarkets
  • Perfect for lunchboxes
  • Its a great way to disguise some of the fruit and veg that they wont eat.
In the UK, we are so lucky to have a good variety of fruit and veg available to us. It is important to give our children the recommended amount a day. 93% of babies aged between 1 - 3 years old get enough of their daily allowance, but only 10% of 11-18 year old's get their daily allowance! that's a dramatic drop in statistics. That is why Innocent Smoothies are perfect for kids. Between the ages of 1-4, fruit juices and smoothies are a useful source of vitamin C to help with the absorption of iron. Innocent kid’s smoothies also count as one of your child’s 5-a day
When we were at Innocent Towers, we were invited to make our own smoothies and Little Miss T made one with her favourite ingredients - berries! She put them in the blender, added some orange juice and blitzed it......The result was a sour smoothie, so we added banana. Making smoothies is all about experimenting with fruit and veg. Finally she was so pleased with her finished result and was able to take it home.
We also had a go at painting with vegetables, this was a great way to get kids to understand that vegetables are not bad things, they can be fun too and It also gets your kids touching and feeling veg.Painting with veg is so easy, you cut the shapes out in the veg and simply paint the shape before you print it on to the paper. Little Miss T really enjoyed this and we must make more of an effort to do this type of thing at home. Its something I did with the older kids when they were little, but have never done it with T. 

We also had a chance to 'play' with food. Tilly was never a vegetable eater, in fact she was a very picky eater until she went to school. Thankfully due to the free school dinners, she started to eat veg more and more and now she will eat it at home, there are still some times that I have to still disguise it, but not as much as I used to. You can do this with your children at dinner time to encourage them to eat.

I am lucky in my school as Little Miss T has a fruit basket in her class room and she is allowed to help herself to a piece of fruit at playtime if she wishes. To help get some goodness into our children, The amazing guys at Innocent Towers want to donate a class room full of innocent fruit & veg smoothies to one lucky readers.

All you have to do is tweet  entries on Tweet your entry including your own tips on how they get your family to eat fruit and veg, using the tag #innocentFiveADay. There are other entry options for more chance to win, So the more entries - the better the chance to win.

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