Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Lalaloopsy Dolls And The Lalaloopsy Musical Cake Playset.

Okay, this is a blog post where I have to make a confession!

Little Miss T was invited to a Lalaloopsy party at Pineapple Dance Studio's in London and I had no idea who Lalaloopsy was! Little Miss Tilly is very much influenced on her toys choices by her older siblings and really enjoys retro toys and cartoons. Normally she likes the kind of things that the older girls liked as children and I know what she is talking about, But as Lalaloopsy is so new to the toy world - I was stumped.

So we went along to the Lalaloopsy Silly Party and I can honestly say that Lalaloopsy is now a big hit with Little Miss T and her mum.

Let Me Introduce you to LalaLoopsy, She was created in 2010
(a bit like Little Miss T) in America, She was designed to show little girls that everyone can be an individual and they dont all have to be the same as others, Everyone is special in their own way. Lalaloopsy was designed to teach girls some lessons in life like diversity, individuality and most importantly how to use their imagination and to be creative.

The Creativity is shown in the toys like the LalaLoopsy Tinies Jewellery maker, as demonstrated by the the girls. Its simple to use, You choose a coloured string and fill the tea cups on the ferris wheels with beads. As you push the ferris wheel to turn it, the beads drop into a bowl at the bottom. Then you push the button and the beads with go onto the string that you have tied to the ferris wheel. The set comes with three 'tinies' that are tiny Lalaloopsy dolls with holes in them that you can also thread onto your jewellery. This was a very popular toy at the party with most of the girls wanting to make a necklace. This will be available soon from your favourite toy store and the RRP is £29.99.
Little Miss T's  favourite toy was the Mini Lalaloopsy Musical Cake Playset, It features a spinning cake,
slide, doughnut swing, cookie bridge and picnic table. This set comes with an exclusive character called Surprise Party Curls. It plays music and you can blow out some light up candles. It is the perfect toy for a child with an imagination as you could get hours of fun from it. This is available for £39.99 from all good toy shops.

Why don't you pop over and join in the fun at Lalaloopsy.com. there are games to play and crafts to make, its something you can do with your little ones that are Lalaloopsy fans. Afterall Mums like to have fun too. Follow them on Facebook for news and competitions.

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