Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Skin Care From Concept: Skin - A Review

Concept: Skin is the creation of Chioma Esther Copeman, a pharmacist who was inspired by her 10 years of who experience and wanted to create products that would work in harmony with your skin. After seeing many clients suffer from prescribed products that often created more problems than they solved, her approach to skin care was to seek out products that were as natural as possible, tailored to the individual person. You can buy the products if your local to Canterbury in Kent and soon you will be able to buy them online , but also follow them on Facebook to keep up with news.

The products are natural and they only use the finest, local to the UK sourced and natural ingredients.The ingredients are hand blended, and to make sure that you receive a product as natural as possible, they are created in a controlled environment. This means that Concept: Skin can guarantee complete pure and natural products for you. The finest of of oils is used in the products and there are no SLS, SLES, Colours, Fragrances, Parfum, Parabens, Petroleum products, GMOs, Mineral Oils, Propylene Glycol or Lanolin in the products.

I received some products from the Concept: Skin range to try at home and here is what I thought of them

The Concept: Skin Citrus Bath Oil

My skin is very dry because of the psoriasis that I suffer from, so I was excited to try this out. Bubbles in the bath can dry my skin more and I do tend to prefer oils, as it adds a little bit more moisture back into the skin. This has a citrus aroma and citrus is really good at brightening your skin. perfect for dull looking skin this autumn. You only need a little bit in the bath and it turns a milky white, when it mixes with the water. Pour and relax! It also looks gold in the bottle and as you pour so it adds a bit of luxury to a product.

Concept: Skin Man Stuff

This moisturiser is available in citrus and fragrance free, and once again the citrus will awaken the skin and brighten it up. The citrus fragrance isn't too strong but you know its there and if you really dont like a fragrance, then you have the choice of the unfragranced moisturiser - It does the same job but is better for sensitive skin.
Concept: Skin Mint Stuff Shower Oil

Again this is perfect for my skin because it is an oil. It has a refreshing Mint aroma that will awaken you senses and make you feel fresh and clean all day. As it is an oil, it comes out of the bottle fast, so be careful when your pouring it. You only need a little bit as it goes a long way, like they say - less is more. This shower oil reminds me of polo's, bringing back many a childhood memory.

Concept: Skin Face And Body Lotion

Its not very often that you find a face and body lotion in a same bottle but due to the gentleness of the natural ingredients, it is gentle enough to use on your face. With the ingredients of vanilla and sandalwood, it is a a subtle aroma to accompany the silk feeling of the lotion. Again, i found a small bit goes a long way.

These products are perfect for travelling as they are travel size, and you can take them in your carry on luggage on the plane. They are also perfect for party or wedding favours,  to place in front of guests on the table. And with Xmas coming up, they would make ideal stocking gifts or to add to a christmas cracker.

Concept: Skin can be found at The Goods Shed In Canterbury most weekends, but please contact them in advance to check.

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