Monday, 28 September 2015

The Reason For The Lack Of Personal Posts

My regular reader may of realised that there are not many personal posts on my blog at the moment. This was actually mentioned by someone on social media that some bloggers have all reviews and no personal posts. This may of been a comment that wasn't meant to hurt or upset anyone but in fact it was a little bit like a kick in the teeth. So now I feel pushed into explaining the definate lack in personal posts.

This summer something unimaginable happened to my family and we are still dealing with the fall out. It was a huge thing to deal with and its something I am not allowed to write about. And there is a reason for this, but its something that I can't share on here. I know my blog is supposed to be where I can write honestly and brutely about the things happening in our lives BUT at the moment my hands are tied. I am still doing the reviews as it is a way to keep my blog up and running, I did stop completely for a few weeks in the summer but I found it so hard to get up and running again, it was hard to get back into the habit of writing - I maybe lost my writing Mojo for a while.

So all the time there are only reviews on my blog, its so that I am still actively writing at the moment even though I have to avoid any personal stuff in case something slips out that shouldn't do, and lets face it I am Mrs Mummy - things always slip out when they shouldn't or even worse at the most inconvenient time. I am not known for my tact! My philosophy of life is to say it as it is.

So no, there are barely any personal posts on my blog at the moment but there is a reason behind this and hopefully sometime soon, things will sort themselves out. But if you read someones blog and its full of reviews, it could well be that they are going through a tough time at the moment and there is a reason they can't write too. Everyone has a reason for the things they do, and the reason I started blogging was to share my life with people, I suppose to brag about the things we did as a family. At the moment its hard to write about personal stuff without talking the truth and for that I feel like a fake - A BIG FAT FAKE BLOGGER!

But I am blogging still and although it crushed my confidence to hear people saying about there being no personal posts on a bloggers blog, I know there is a reason for it - and now hopefully you will understand too.

So all I ask is that you bear with me whilst there are still tough times ahead and I am sure soon everything will work itself out and normal service will resume.

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