Friday, 4 September 2015

To Blog Or Not!

In this day and age, its so easy for anyone to get details about us and even worse - details of our children! If you google your name, you will find details of things you have commented on using your social media, or you will even find out if someone has commented on a photo of your child. Do we do enough to protect our children from pedophiles or sex offenders online?

Everyday people try to get our details online, We have all received the emails about winning a gazillion pounds on an African lottery and having to send our details to claim the prize. Luckily none of us are stupid enough to fall for the con.

We all post photos of our children on social media, after all we are proud parents and grandparents, we want our friends to know all about it. Being a blogger, I actually post photos of little Miss T all the time, Although her details are never published online, I always make sure that there is nothing to identify who she actually is. But all it takes is a little slip up and there could be something to identify who she is. Recently everyone has been posting photo's on Facebook or Instagram of their children going to school. These pictures are so cute, and it shows how proud we all are of our beautiful children. It also shows how lovely they look in their school uniform, well we paid enough for it haven't we? Little Miss T is only 5 and her uniform cost over £100 with the shoes alone costing £34! And lets face it, we take that 'back to school' photo of our kids because they look so brand spanking shiny and they will never look like that again (until next September).

Personally, I don't like to publicize where my daughter goes to school, she has no relationship with her alcoholic father and I have no intention of him knowing where she goes to school, he has threatened to take her before and I have no wish for him to know where she goes to school. So I try not to put photo's on social media of my child in her uniform or near the school gates. It is so easy for someone to take the logo from your picture, then do a reverse photo search on google images and they can find out where your child goes to school.

Life is so much more complicated now the internet plays such a big part of our life, we use it everyday in our life but we all put our children at risk. Recently I have been thinking a lot about my own internet security with everything we have been through this summer, I am in two minds whether to carry on blogging or not. I LOVE blogging, it has helped me over the past two years, I love the blogging community and I love how I get support from blogging and the readers. I haven't blogged much over the summer as I am too scared to write something I shouldn't do and I second guess every blogging choice I make. My children are the most important things in my life and although three of them are old enough to look after themselves and make their own choices, I still have one little girl that isn't.

When you blog you become your own personal therapist and when you really commit to blogging you find yourself saying stuff that you really want to hear. Blogging has really helped me to over come my PND and it gave me confidence in being part of the world again. Writing your feelings makes you feel so much better and quite often it feels like a weight has been lifted.

So I find myself stuck at a cross roads, unsure whether my child is safe all the time I blog!

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