Tuesday, 20 October 2015

20 Signs You Were An Army Brat In The British Forces

When you grow up in the army, its a total different way of life, people in 'Civvie street' Never know the things you experience and the things you see. There are a special group of people in my life and these people are my army friends, nobody understands you like this band of people. Growing up in the army bonds you with people for life, they may have only lived in the same area as you for a while but its a while that while will have left an impact on your life forever. So how do you spot an army kid?

  1. People say 'That's and interesting accent, where are you from' and you reply with 'Where am I from or where did I live the most time?' 
  2. Isis or no other terrorist group scares you because you grew up in Germany, at the height of the IRA Terror campaign. If you grow up with it, it no longer scares you.
  3. You grew up with one TV channel! BFBS and you got the English programmes a few weeks later than UK, meaning when you returned from abroad to visit your family you were always confused with the programmes.
  4. You went to boarding school before it became trendy with Harry Potter
  5. You shopped in the NAAFI or you worked in the NAAFI
  6. You absolutely respect anyone wearing a Forces uniform
  7. You behaved yourself, you never back chatted and you wouldn't dream of saying No to your parents
  8. Most of your childhood friends are spread across the globe!
  9. You got excited when you parent bought a ration box home and you could eat the biscuits or sweets
  10. You know what a Bluey is
  11. A holiday was a trip back to the UK
  12. You hoped your dad would get a posting to somewhere exotic
  13. You know what an MFO box is
  14. You lived on an army barracks and had to carry ID around
  15. You joined the forces yourself because it was the thing you wanted to do
  16. You feel passionate about the way the government treats ex forces people and their families
  17. You know how it feels to what your parent go off to war
  18. You know the phonetic alphabet
  19. You knew different languages before it was compulsory to learn them at school
  20. You would trade your life in a heartbeat to go back to being back as an army kid

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