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Brewers Scare - Halloween event.

On Friday 23rd October 2015 me and Tilly visited the Brewers Fayre in Margate, The Promenade. As soon as we entered the building we were welcomed in by a friendly member of staff who directed us to our table.  
The restaurant had many
 Halloween decorations   
The table was clean with fresh cutlery ready along with range of menus on the table. Once we had chosen our meals we were able to order at bar which had a slight queue however a second member of staff swiftly opened a second till and the queue was served in no time. The bar staff where friendly and patient with the 5 year old who couldn’t decide what flavour of fruit shoot she wanted!

Pumpkins hiding behind the bar
The Brewers Fayre was decorated with Halloween decorated all around especially in the children indoor play area. There were fake bloody hand prints on the doors and fake pumpkins behind the bar as well as many other decorations hanging around. Even the drinks have had a spooky makeover with children now having the option to have a Halloween lemon and slime Starslush. 

Although we attended in the evening, there were advisement for free Fangtastic activity mornings between 9:30am and 12pm every day though the October half term. These involve arts, crafts, colouring-in, puzzles, games and other spooky goings on. This seams like a perfect alternative to sitting around being bored during half turn and is something i would differently consider taking Tilly to.

Thee door to the indoor play area
had fake bloody hand prints
for Halloween
Brewers Fayre are also putting on Halloween themed discos on 30th and 31st of October, these are the perfect opportunity for your children to dress up in their most frightful outfit and boogie while also enjoying a nice family meal. For more information on the Halloween events at Brewers Fayer please see the Brewers Fayre website

some of the food available on fish
and chip day
Friday is fish and chip day at the Brewers Fayre. This means that on the chief’s counter is a buffet of fish and chip costing only £7.49 for an adult. I chose this for dinner and was pleasantly surprised by the variety of food available. There were many types of fish including battered fish and fish cakes as well as other items such as chicken drumsticks and different varieties of pie, along with chips, peas and a variety of sauces. Fresh food was regularly put out to ensure that there was plenty to choose from.  The food was hot and toughly delicious. It wasn’t at all greasy like some fish and chips can get.

Tilly enjoying her sausages and mash
Tilly enjoyed reading her
limited edition Beano comic
Tilly chose the sausages and mash meal off the children’s menu and also toughly enjoyed her meal and for only 50p more she was able to get a tasty dessert of chocolate brownie and ice cream (which she was able to devour in record time!). Tilly also received a Halloween Beano comic and a Halloween themed word search with her meal, which she enjoyed sitting and doing. These Limited edition comic are free with every child meal during the October half term.

the children's play area had Halloween
 decorations everywhere
For only £3 Tilly was able have fun in the colourful Dennis the Menace themed indoor soft play area. This supervised area allowed Tilly to climb and run about to her heart content. Tilly said her favorite bit in the play area was the big twisting slide. There is also a toddle section to allow smaller children to enjoy themselves as well. It is open on Sunday - Thursday 9.30am -8pm and on Friday/Saturday 9:30am- 9pm. There are seating facilities inside play area to allow parents to eat there meal while keeping an eye on their children.

All the staff at the Brewers Fayre were always friendly and helpful. They were also always working and you never saw anyone standing around, as soon as a table was vacated a member of staff was quickly there was clean the table and get it ready for the next customers.  The staff helped to create a family friendly welcoming atmosphere. 

a ghost place near the door
gave us a spooky welcome
The Brewers Fayre in Margate is conveniently located next to Margate train station to allow easy access to those who do not live in Margate. It is also located very close to the center of town and is very easy to find.

Me and Tilly thoroughly enjoyed our evening at the Brewers Fayre in Margate and would definitely recommend it to others.  For more information to find your local Brewers Fayre please visit the 
Brewers Fayre websitewhich also contains information on special offers and the chiefs counter. You are also able to book a table at your local restaurant on the website. 

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