Saturday, 3 October 2015

Brit Movie Tours - Doctor Who Walking Tour Of London

On September 24th me and a friend got a train bright and early to do a London to do a Doctor Who walking tour from Brit Movie Tours.
The shard see in the episode the
Bells of Saint John. 

 We met up with our friendly and enthusiastic tour guide, Michael, at London bridge station at 11am. We then set off on a 2 and a half hour tour where we were able to see some of the locations used to film both new and classic episodes of Doctor Who. There was a variety of different locations, some obvious scenes such as the shard which was featured in the episode The Bells of Saint John, and some less obvious scenes such as the Earth prison featured in the episode The Frontier in Space.

Saint Paul's Cathedral has been
used in many episodes, most
recently in Death in Heaven. 
When we reached each location, Micheal explained which scenes where filmed there. He carried a folder with him containing screen shots of the relevant scenes. Therefore if you couldn't remember the scene from the episode, you were still able to see and understand the location. There were plenty of photo opportunities for both the scenes from doctor who and general London landmarks. Micheal was also constantly giving us little bits of trivia about both the episodes and behind the scenes. I thought I knew all there was to know about Doctor Who but there was still plenty to discover.

The Earth prison used in
The Frontier in space.
 We finished the tour at Waterloo train station, which is convenient for train, underground and bus services. Overall the tour was fantastic and although we were walking for 2 and a half hours, the tour was packed with sites and trivia, you didn't have time to think about how much your feet ached! I would highly recommend this tour for everyone, you don't need to be a massive Whovian to thoroughly enjoy the experience.

My tour was brought for me as a Christmas present from Virgin experiences however can also be brought though the official website at Brit movie tours where you can choice to buy a ticket for yourself or buy as a gift. The website also gives dates and times of the tours.

Alternatively if Doctor Who isn't your cup of tea, Brit Movie Tours do a range of other walking and minibus tour around Britain such as a James Bond Tour, a Paddington Bear tour or even a tour of the locations seen in The Only Way Is Essex. Please see the website for further details.

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