Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Making A Fairy Garden.

Fairies are an important part of Little Miss T's life, she has the most amazing imagination and I like to encourage her. When we were challenged by Oceanfinance to create a fairy garden, we knew it would be right up Little Miss T's street. We already have a fairy door in our house for the fairies to come in and out when she is asleep and its a place to leave her teeth when they start falling out.
She had a few bits all ready and we popped along to a few local shops where she was able to pick up some more things for her garden. So how did she design her garden?
She has many stones that she 'collects' from places - I call her a hoarder! and with her the bigger, the better. So we created a rock garden with some soil and the stones, this created a hill for her to fairies to live at the top off. Then she added a castle for them to live in (this was a money box), she added some signs and found some of her special fairies from her toy box. But as nice as her fairy garden was coming along, she kept saying there was something missing. To me it looked finished, but she declared that she needed some love heart confetti - the idea of this was to show the fairies that there is a lot of love being spread around.
Its so easy to create a fairy garden, You can do them in plant pots and keep them in the house as a decoration or you can just pop one in the garden Like we have done. If you have a little girl, then you usually have enough fairy bits around the house to start your creation. Look for dolls house furniture, fairy dolls, ornaments etc etc, anything small can be used by the fairies.

Sadly the interest and belief in fairies has dropped dramatically whilst in Iceland around 50% of the people believe in mythical creatures.

So how can you encourage your kids to believe in fairies?
  • Sprinkle some glitter in the morning so that it looks like some fairy dust, left over from when the fairies have visited the garden
  • Convince your child that you can see fairies out of the corner of your eye
  • Tell them that if they stay very still, and very quiet, whilst listening, they will hear the faint sound of the fairies singing or tinkling the bells on their shoes
  • If there is a breeze or warm glow, then tell them that a fairy has flown past
  • Remind your kids that fairies are very fast and very tiny and they may not actually see a fairy, but they will usually find gifts or evidence of the fairy being there.
Do you believe in fairies? do you encourage your children to believe in them? Imagination is very very important for children and we encorage little Miss T all the way. 

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