Saturday, 31 October 2015

My Holiday In Turkey - Alba Resort Side, Near Antalya

So my holiday is over! a whole 10 months I had been looking forward to this two weeks in the sun and Sunday 11th October finally arrived and we boarded a Thomas Cook flight to Antalya. Having Bipolar, I actually thought that the four hour flight would bore the hell out of me, but by the time I had slept for an hour, then had an argument with the man in the seat in front of me because he wouldn't put his seat up when I needed to get my tray out for breakfast. Then I made small talk with the people next to me, and watched the map thingy on the TV to know how far we had come and how fast we were flying etc. I spoke to my friends across the aisle and we exchanged a few jokes, like you do when your excited. We got our Simon Cowell mask out and I was filming us - much to the disgust of the lady in the row in front who did nothing but glare at us the whole journey.

So finally we arrived in Antalya and did I feel an idiot dressed in my winter clothes consisting of a jumper and a cardigan when it was 30 degree's in the sun. But after stripping off in arrivals and grabbing a bottle of water I was ready to go to my hotel.

We stayed in the Alba Resort in Side, Near Antalya and it was the 15th time for the people I was on holiday with. My first impressions were that check in was rushed, not welcoming and the bellboy was rude, but towards the end of the holiday my impressions of this hotel had changed 100%. I could not have been in a better hotel on the Turkish coast. Sometimes your first impressions of a place can be so very wrong indeed and I was very tired from the long journey it had taken to get there, that I was pretty grouchy!

We had booked into a room for 4 people but there was a mess up with the booking and we ended up with 2 rooms for 2 people each, this actually worked out as a benefit because it meant we had two bathrooms - Yes the most important thing on a girly holiday. The rooms were clean and bright and we dumped our bags and dashed down to the bar! (getting priorities right)

I was actually missing my family more than I ever thought I would, It really hit me that I had come away on holiday and left my kids at home. So I had an early night and the next morning I woke up thinking 'enough is enough' I was here for two weeks and I simply couldn't get the next flight home, I had to deal with it and drink gallons of vodka. And by the second week I had discovered video calling ;)

The resort was beautiful and it was so hot that all you wanted to do was lay in the sun and sleep. The only time we got off the sunbed was to go for something to eat or drink. I must admit I did feel quite spoilt and it was so nice to have everything done for you!

The only draw back to this resort is that it is primarily German, Now I have no problems with Germans, but some of them were so rude to the English and even ruder to some of the members of staff. Clicking your fingers does not get the attention of staff in the restaurant of bar, it is simply rude!  If you do something different to how they like it, then they made it pretty obvious that they were talking about you, then the women would stare at you and look you up and down. On a few nights I did have a revealing outfit on and I have a big bust, so I like to wear something that will enhance my figure. This drew the attention of a good few German men, much to the disgust of the wives. Some even made sex comments to me in front of their wives!

Now enough of some of the Germans, back to the hotel and the staff. The hotel was beautiful, It was typical Turkish decor and it was really bright and airy. The hotel was spotless and this was down to the staff running it, The staff didn't stop working the whole shift, they were very attentive to the holidaymakers and they smiled the whole shift through. If there was anything you needed, they would get it for you! The staff quite often deserved a medal for dealing with the drunk holidaymakers (and yes I was one of the drunks). The only thing that did sadden me with the staff was when the managers would appear and often point out the things the staff had missed in the restaurants, like a dirty table. But what the management didn't see was the staff interacting with the holidaymakers, making special efforts for peoples birthdays, getting down and talking to the children and generally making sure EVERY holidaymaker was happy.

So the first week passed really fast, there was no sign of our Thomas Cook rep that was annoying because we wanted to book excursions and weren't sure how to do it. we had a giggle and a laugh and to be honest I really should of gone home after the first week because the second week was full of so much naughtiness, and as the saying goes 'What happens in Turkey.......... stays in Turkey!

I would recommend this holiday to everyone, the entertainment was mostly spoken in German, although English was spoken. So I would think twice about taking Tilly who is 5, as I think she would struggle to fit in with the entertainment. But as I write this post, my friend is scouring the internet looking for a good deal for next year. We are looking at some luxury family holidays for the best prices. I met some beautiful people out in Turkey and we will be keeping in touch!

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