Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Send A Cow - Helping Families Abroad That Are Less Fortunate Than Us

Last year, I wrote about the e-book ‘The Most Important Meals Of Their Lives’ which contains recipes for breakfasts believed to have been eaten and enjoyed by some of the world’s greatest achievers, including the likes of Einstein, Jane Austen, Churchill and Gandhi. The post can be found here  and Send A Cow raised just over £1.5m, which is amazing to help people more unfortunate than us.

The book was launched by the charity, Send a Cow as part of their BreakFast appeal. The appeal was a big success and raised £757,466 which was doubled by the UK government raising just over £1.5 million to help Send a Cow deliver their life-changing programmes across Africa. Now, over one year on, the effects of that appeal are being felt and people’s lives are being turned around. People like 60 year old Sarah Namukasa and her six grandchildren. 60 year old Sarah Namukasa giggles like a little girl of 8. Much of her teeth are completely gone except for one visible lower incisor tooth. Sarah has been in the Send a Cow programme in East Uganda for 11 months, and in that time, her life has changed drastically.

‘‘Since Send a Cow came to our home, you can see the changes. I think this is going to be the first season when we shall harvest enough food. One of my grandson's, Ntale is sitting his Primary seven this year. It will be the first time in my life to clear school fees on the first day of the school. And I will do it,” Sarah asserts.
Its been over 20 years ago since Sarah's husband died and he left her struggling to provide for her family. Her children had to drop out of school as she was unable to pay the school fees and they eventually left for the city in search of a better life. Nowadays, she cares for her six grandchildren – aged 5 to 14 singlehandedly.

Sarah says: “I struggled to feed my own children. Maybe that is why I lost them to the city…I failed to care for my children but I will not fail with my grandchildren. What I did not give my children, I will give it to my grandchildren.“With Send a Cow, I feel stronger. I am now a knowledgeable woman. It has been a great year of big changes. I now have a better dish rack with three stances, I have constructed the energy saving Lorena stove. We have eaten vegetables of all types and if they were to talk, they would talk in our tummies.‘‘The children no longer fall sick as it were before. And now that I am among those to receive a cow, just wait, I will touch my dreams. All their life, none of my children drank milk, Send a Cow is going to give me a cow and I will drink milk in so many years. I have already planted the grass. We have already identified where to construct the cowshed. Every day, my dreams are coming a reality. ‘
It’s not just Sarah’s life that’s changing – it’s her grandchildren’s too. With Send a Cow’s support, she’s building a better future for them all: a future free from poverty and hunger.

You can donate by going over to www.sendacow.org.

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