Thursday, 8 October 2015

Shreks Adventure, Southbank London - Review

Ever since it opened in June, Shreks Adventure has been very very busy. We spend a lot of time along Southbank, as there is so much to do. Kim and I took a visit to Shreks Adventure a few weeks ago as we weren't sure if it would be Scary for Tilly as she is only 5 and has a racing imagination!

After our first visit, we decided that tilly would like it, after all, there is Princess Fiona as well as Cinderella (although Cinders is a bit chavvy - its all part of the show ).

I took Tilly down to Shreks Adventure with her friend on a Saturday afternoon and we were booked in for a 2pm slot. Although we had our slot, you still have to wait about half an hour to get into the actual attraction. There is a lot of waiting and although the wait is broken up with things to see and photo opportunities, it can be a long time for a small child to wait. And I do have the most inpatient child in the world. Whilst you wait there is plenty to see to keep you occupied and you get chance to put your pram in pram park. Along the way, there are costumed Air hostesses to help you out.

At the entrance you are told not to take pictures and no to touch the characters, It is done in a very comical way and makes you giggle. Then we go to start the tour, We are greeted by Princess Fiona who starts the tour by introducing you to Donkey who is going to take you on a magical bus ride to visit Shrek. Only the bus ride, doesn't go quite as planned and you end up getting into a sticky situation. I am not going to say anymore because I am always getting told off for spoilers! but you go on quite a journey that lasts just over an hour and you go around with a group of 40 people, and there is loads of interaction with the audience.

At the end of the tour, there is a chance to meet with some characters from Kung Fu Panda, Madagascar, and How To Train Your Dragon. You can have your Photo taken with the characters and text your strength with Gloria The Hippo. This is done at your own pace. We also managed to get our photo with the real-life Shrek Character, the girls loved this.

Shreks Adventure costs £26 for an adult and £20.80 for a child but if you order online, you will save 10% and be booked in for a time that you wish. As this is a really popular attraction, if you walk up and buy a ticket then you could have to wait an hour or two for your time slot. This attraction is free to Merlin Pass holders but they advise to book a time slot. Please see for more details.

This was a thoroughly enjoyable day out and the girls both loved it. At the end of the tour is a shop where you can buy souvenirs of your day out. It was nice to see that there were pocket money products as well as the more expensive gifts. Of course, we had to spend almost as long in the shop as we did in the attraction! I would certainly advise going to Shreks Adventure.

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