Saturday, 17 October 2015

SKINeffect Range From LloydsPharmacy Exclusive And New

Earlier this year LloydsPharmacy welcomed its first skin care range into its stores. They had spent a lot of research time and effort to create a premium skin care range that will tackle problems encountered by aging and it will re-hydrate and rejuvenate your skin.

As always quality and health is at the forefront of this line of products and it has been sourced from the best ingredients for anti-ageing and moisturising. The main component is HydraMatrix, an anti-ageing waterloss complex, exclusively engineered for LloydsPharmacy. This will help to prolong hydration retention. The complex is contained in all the lines and all products are free from parabens, allergens and colourants - making it perfect for sensitive skin.

Below are a few of the items that are going to be available in the range.

Anti-ageing Face and Eye Serum will increase hydration by 15% in 30 minutes, it has a light formula and works toward diminishing the tell tale signs of ageing. It contains Hylauronic acid and 5% HydraMatrix complex and will boost hydration instantly and increase elasticity.
Active Hydration Daily Face Cream This face cream is packed full of rejuvanating ingredients and with the help of Hylauronic acid and 5% HydraMatrix complex you will get instant hydration by 21% in 15 minutes. It also contains tissue regenerating and protective properties.

Intensive Anti-Ageing Face Cream  This intensive anti-ageing treatment is enriched with with a mixture of actives and HydraMatrix Complex to antioxidise, protect and moisturise the skin. It is applied as often as you need it and will focus mainly on the dry patches of your face.

3 in 1 Step Cleanser This is a great lotion, milk and eye make up remover all in one go! It contains 5% HydraMatrix Complex as well as refreshing pomegranate is included in the ingredients, perfect for its oxidant qualities. This is dermatologically tested and perfect for all skin types.

There are also body lotions, Shampoo, body wash and foot cream in the range. The products will soon all be available at one of your local LloydsPharmacy stores and you can find your local store at

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