Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Aldi Special Buys Stocking Fillers For Less Than £5, Instore Now

As if Christmas isn't expensive enough, there is a Christmas stocking to fill as well as all the other gifts our little cherubs have asked for. Sometimes it can cost just as much for stocking filler gifts than it does for a normal gift to give a child. Thats where Aldi have stepped in and stocked their stores with amazing stocking fillers for less than a fiver each. We were sent a selection of the stocking filler gifts for Tilly to try and give her opinion on.

The Dinosaur toys, These are huge! they are solid and they are made of a rubber skin that have so many details on them to make them look more realistic. They are such good value that you could even buy all 6 in the set and it is still a reasonable amount to spend on stocking gifts, but you may need a massive stocking! these are £4.99 each

Puppets, These are always a great resource for story telling, the little once can enjoy the company of the puppet whilst they sit and listen. They are also fabulous for keeping little ones company as they think that once they have their hands in the puppet, it comes to life - or is that just my child? These puppets are an absolutely great price of
£2.99 each. They are big enough for an adult to use as well as a child. The are soft and very detailed, well made and are very kissable! Adults and children alike can both bring stories to life with Aldi's Hand Puppets.

Another way of bringing stories to life is with the Book &
model, As you read the story about the story, you can use the model to bring the story to life. The model tucks in neatly to one side of the book and all the pieces are kept in a clear bag, that popped inside a kind of envelope at the back of the book. Tilly is 5 and she could easily put the model together herself without adult supervision. We were sent the Enchanting Mermaid Book and Model Set, it follows the story of Mira who is different from other mermaids and it is nice to have a story highlighting how different people can still be accepted within a community.

Other gifts on offer are the Aldi Special Buy Jigsaw puzzle books and at £3.99, they are perfect for days that we can't get out this winter. They are perfect for keeping the kids occupied on a
Sunday afternoon and they come in a few different options like 'A Day At Play' and 'Machines On The Move. I am liking that books are featured heavily in Aldi's Christmas stocking section because these
days its so much easier to give a child a device like a Kindle or Ipad, where they lose out on the benefit of actually holding a book and turning the pages. In a puzzle book, you will find the puzzle situated inside the book page so as you turn the page, you can make the puzzle whilst listening to the story. These puzzle books are great for a child's co-ordination. In all there are 6 fab stories for you to read with your little one and at the great price of £3.99, they are a bargain. The jigsaw puzzle abilities vary too and range from easier to harder, so they are good for children of different ages.

When I was a little girl I loved playing with Felt toys like Aldi's Felt Creations, Okay so I was an 80's Kid
and it seems so long ago, but Kimmy used to have felt games when she was younger too and she is only 23 and now its time for her baby sister to enjoy felt toys. Aldi offer Little Town Felt Creations and the one we were sent was called 'Fairy' but there are others called 'Outer space' 'Zoo' and 'Picnic'. This Felt creation toy will help to encourage imagination and teach things such as co-ordination, colour and senses as well as creativity. So there are lots for your child to learn whilst playing.

There are many other toys available in the Aldi Special Buys section in time for Christmas but as ever it is first come, first served and these went into store on the 15th November. You wont be disappointed with your purchase. The toys are all well made, and great value.

50% of all our toys sent to us for the object of review are being donated to local families that are in need of an extra help. Thank you to Aldi Special Buys for contributing to this.

Aldi is proud to support Barnardo’s children’s charity and The Prince’s Trust, and, as of July 2015, all profits from Aldi’s carrier bag sales throughout England and Wales will be donated to the RSPB.

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