Monday, 9 November 2015

An Open Letter To Clark's Shoe Shop

Dear Clark's

I work in retail and more often than not people are so quick to complain and they never compliment people on good customer service, so I like to go out of my way and always mention when I have had a good experience.

So here I am on a Monday afternoon writing about the amazing experience I received from a Clark's shoe shop in Deal, Kent. I bought Tilly some lovely black Patent shoes ready to go back school in September. Now I didn't really have the money to pay around £35 for a pair of shoes, money is usually really tight at the start of the school year but I left the store feeling proud as I had gone without a few luxuries to buy these shoes. As for Tilly, she was so proud of her shoes and showed everyone as we walked up the road. I knew at that moment, that I had made the right choice in shoes.

Last week the lights were flashing as she walked (so handy as the darker nights draw in) and then when we got home, they wouldn't switch off. As I work out of town and Little Miss T is at school its difficult to get her into town to sort out the shoes. So this afternoon I popped into the store with Tilly and her flashing Trixi Run INF shoes (although the light is fading) to see if there was anything they could do to switch them off.

The member of staff I spoke to popped outside to chat with another member of staff and they explained they didn't have the same shoes, but bought out a selection of shoes for Tilly to try and she was very patient as we tried several different shoes on. We did love her shoes and a little bit of my heart sank that they didn't have the same shoes in her size. But the assistant went out the back once again and found a pair of the same size but a bigger width, we tried them on and as if by magic, they fitted her like a glove. The staff listened to my five year old child and they were very attentive to her needs. Tilly left the store skipping in her new shoes, and saw some of her friends playing outside and ran to tell them about her new shoes.

I think the staff that represent the Clark's brand in Deal should be complimented for the work they do and the brilliant customer service they offer on a daily basis.

Love from a very satisfied mummy

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