Monday, 16 November 2015

Christmas Gifts From John Crane Toys

So Christmas is going to be upon us sooner than we know it! Now it is time to start scouring the shops for gifts for our little ones, Here we have a selection from John Crane for you to look at, all tested and given the Tilly seal of approval.

By Far the favourite of Tilly's was Peyton, she is a doll from the Our Generation range and she is perfect for kids of 3 and over. She is 18" tall and has movable arms and legs so you can sit her down whilst you do her hair. In the box as well as Peyton, you get some hair clips and some coloured hair extensions, These can be used in your child's own hair too. Peyton's hair is a striking red colour, its long and silky and many hours of imagination can be had by playing with the doll, She goes really well with some of the accessories that John Crane offers. She is available Here for £39.99 and comes with a little booklet of hair ideas. Peyton also has a dial on her back that you can turn to make her hair grow and shorten, all part of the hairdressing experience and add a little bit of magic to the doll.

All little girls love to be pampered, so this Spa set works so well with Peyton, the set includes head towel, body wrap towel, pair of slippers, foot spa massage, foot pumice stone, 2 cucumber slices, cream jar, bottle of nail polish, nail clippers, nail file, spray bottle, tall bottle and face mask. For the mum who has a child that always wants to be playing with the creams and potions on the dressing table, this is perfect. Its safe and hours of fun can be had from the set. The accessories in the set fit the Peyton doll and it is available Here for £19.99.

Now when Peyton is having her hair done she needs to have a chair to sit on. So the Sitting Pretty Salon Chair from Our Generation is ideal to complete the salon experience. You pop the doll inside the seat and strap her in by using the velcro straps. then you can use the pedal to raise the seat to the height you want it at and use the second pedal to lower the chair again before your doll gets out, The chair moves around so you can move it to work on different parts of the hair. The seat is made from a very girly pink satin material and really does look like a chair you would find in a salon. To use this, tilly sat on a stool behind the doll so they were at the same height. We used this chair with Peyton but you could use any doll with it as long as it fits in there. The chair also comes with a few accessories including straighteners, a hair dryer, scissors and a spray bottle to name a few. The Sitting Pretty Salon Chair is available Here for £34.99,

For a more adventurous child among us we have the Children's B. TeePee Play Tent, it is so easy to put together with all of the connectors sewn into the tent, so you won't lose them and it gives you an idea of how simple the tent is to put together. There are tent poles and they you straighten them out and pop them in the connectors. It literally took five minutes to put the wigwam together and Tilly was in there like a shot. Inside the tent at the top, there is a place to hang a lantern. Now, this isn't an ordinary lantern, it has images on it and when the light is on it shows a really impressive light display. It's so peaceful watching the light sway and the images projected on to the tent. There is plenty of room in the tent for more than one child or your child and plenty of toys. We have a small house, but this tent didn't take up too much space at all. This tent is perfect for all adventurers, Indians and parents. It is RRP of £49.99 from Here

EDITED since writing this a few people have mentioned that this is perfect for children with autism as it doubles as a sensory toy for them, they have their own little space to go to and can watch the lights.

To bring learning into the home, we were sent the Tidlo Pizza Set. This lovely set is perfect for teaching the kids about fractions and sharing as well as using the fine motor skills by using the pizza cutter and the removable toppings. The pizza has velcro to hold it together on the pizza plate, this is easily sliced using the pizza cutter. Once you remove some of the pizza slices, it reveals the fractions underneath. You can use this pizza quite a lot with the little kids by removing the toppings and asking the child to match them up and place them back on the pizza, you can teach them their first numbers by counting  up to 6. The pizza appears to have stuffed crusts and also comes in a pizza shaped box too so it looks so much like the real thing. The pizza is available to buy Here for £15.00.

All theses toys and many more are available on and they can help you find the local stockists to you. You can also see more information on the wide range of toys that they sell.

50% of toys sent to us for the purpose of this blog post are being donated to local families in need of a little bit of help this Christmas. So we Thank John Crane very much for this opportunity.

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