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Hello Kitty Cleverstix - How To Teach A Child Fine Motor Skills #review #competition

Recently I went for a Chinese Meal with a group of friends and on the table were a set of chopsticks, it led to a discussion about how none of us were able to use them and a spoon was so much easier for eating Chinese with. Tilly does enjoy a Chinese and always asks if she can use chopsticks but again has the same problem, she doesn't know how to hold her chopsticks so she is all fingers and thumbs. This is because She needs to be taught how to hold the chopsticks the right way and as she is right handed, whilst I am left handed its nearly impossible to teach her. This is where the people at Cleverstix have stepped in and bring us a child friendly set of chopsticks that come in several different designs including Kung Fu Panda and Hello Kitty.

They have rings attached to the side of the chopsticks for the child to pop their fingers in and this helps them to learn how to use the chopsticks correctly. With the help of the rings you can control the movement of the chopsticks and you don't spill you food. The chopsticks are made of a really sturdy plastic and they are wider at the tips so that its easier to pick up foods.

These Cleverstix are also perfect for eating everyday foods as well as Chinese. This is because of the wider tips and children can develop their fine motor skills by using them to pick up foods like peas and eating them. When Little Miss T was about to start school, we were given some advise on how to develop her fine motor skills and to use chopsticks or tweezers to pick up a variety of items was one of the suggestions. Developing their fine motor skills then helps them to prepare to hold a pencil and learn to write. Tilly was a slow developer in the writing department because she is more interested in playing and using her imagination. She never seemed to have time to sit and learn how to hold a pencil correctly despite the nursery trying to encourage to to do so. These would be perfectly placed in a nursery to help the children with their fine motor skills. these are also endorsed by The National Handwriting Association.

As well as the tips being wider than the sticks, they are also embossed so it is easier to grip the food and the rings on the side of the Cleverstix are removable so as the child gets older, they can take them off. They are lightweight, so there is no problem with the child struggling to use them because they are too heavy and the head opens to a 70 degree angle to make it easier for the child to use them.

Cleverstix are perfect for all children and have been endorsed by the Science Museum and leading paediatric Occupational Therapists. Take a look at the video and see for yourself how easy it is to use.

You can buy Cleverstix at for Each set is priced at £7.99 – carriage is £5.25 per delivery or free for orders over £50. We would definetly recommend these if you have a pre-school child. We went through a lot of stress trying to get tilly to learn to even hold a pencil properley, had we known about these, they would of been a part of our life a long time ago.

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