Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Lalaloopsy Girls Cake Fashion Set #Review #Lalaloopsy #Christmas

Parents remember this name LALALOOPSY!!  Because that is the name that will be on the kids lips this Christmas. Lalaloopsy Girls have launched a new doll this autumn called Lalaloopsy Girls Cake Fashion Doll. She is a doll that will enable your child to use their creativity whilst playing.

Lalaloopsy Girls Cake Fashion Doll has a plastic cone skirt that you snap on to her and this is the base for you to start with the icing and decorating. The set comes with stylish  and functional accessories such as her special parasol that is secretly a frosting bag. so that kids can pipe directly on to the doll. Her handbag is magic too, you open it up and it doubles as a mould for them to make shapes with the play clay that comes in the set. She also has moulds on the bottom of her feet to make shapes with.
Lastly there is a tube of glitter in the set, because lets face it - every little girl needs glitter!

The frosting is non edible so please be careful if your giving it to younger children, but its easy to squeeze on the doll and the dress has little grooves in it, so the kids can follow a pattern and know where they need to put the frosting - or they could do a Tilly and just put it where they like! the icing is easy to clean off the doll and as soon as they have finished making their grand design on the skirt, you simply wipe it with a damp cloth and then she is ready for the next round of decorating.

Lalaloopsy Girls Cake Fashion Doll is available from most toys shops and is suitable for ages five and over. The RRP is £19.99 and more information can be found at

You can also download the free Lalaloopsy Cake Fashion Doll App from the app store for exclusive content and games

At a recent visit to Primrose Bakery in London we were able to meet with Martha Collison from Great British Bake Off 2014 and she helped the girls decorate some cakes as well as decorate a Candle Slice Of Cake, because of the blonde curly hair, like her own and the pink skirt. The doll comes in another version, her name is Fancy Frost 'N' Glaze and she comes with a green skirt and pink curly hair. The doll was easy to put together once we opened the packaging and Tilly was able to play with her straight away, She is different to other dolls and this makes her stand out.
Lalaloopsy Girl doll  Tilly was given a doll to take home and she chose

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