Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Project MC2 Review And Giveaway - Win A Christmas Present

Maywood Glen is a school where 4 special teenagers go. They are special because they are secret spies and each young lady has a set of skills that helps them to work as a team to take on the world. You can watch these girls on Netflix and the programme is called Project MC2.

McKeyla McAlister is a writer, hipster and undercover spy. when she is not journaling, she can probably be found reading a Sir Arthur Conan Doyle novel, upcycling,or ya know, just trying to save the world. People Say Girls are made of sugar and spice but Adrienne Attoms, has a more complex recipe. She is a culinary chemist, and ever since her family moved here from Spain for her dad's job, her most favourite thing to do is host dinner parties. Bryden Bandweth lurves tweeting about rad tech stuff, music, and digital photoghaphy. just don't ask her to go camping or anywhere without a hotspot. she is a 24/7 #Digitaldarling. Camryn Coyle,is well known at Maywood Glen academy for her high IQ, but her real genius comes out in the garage. Turn up the torque and she will meet you at 60 mph with her souped up skateboard.
Project MC2 brings together science and maths, making it fun and informative for girls who wish to pursue this kind of career, it shows that women can receive recognition in these kinds of field as well as encouraging them to work had in the subjects. So if you aspire to be a great mathematician or the worlds greatest scientist or simply a spy. If you think geek is chic then this programme is for you!!
Since the programme launched in the summer, sales of the toys accompanying the programme have risen and risen and as well as buying the stand alone dolls you can buy dolls with little experiments that your children will enjoy doing. The dolls start at £14.99 and are available from good toy retailers like Argos and the doll sets with the experiememt retail at £25.00 from place like Amazon, The stand alone dolls do not come with any of the accesories but the dolls are well made and are really flexible to play with. For a more better value, I personally would go for the experiment set. Tilly has Camryn Coyle and loves the striking purple coloured hair and she thinks even the doll is clever. The doll comes with real little eyelashes on her eyes and the box has loads of information on the back about the doll you choose and information on the website www.projectmc2.com where you can find fun experiments and a chance to join NOV8, the spy team.

The amazing girls of Maywood Glen want to offer one reader a doll set complete with experiment to add to your kiddies Christmas pile this year. This retails at £24.99. In order to be entered for the prize, please fill in the rafflecopter.

Competitions at ThePrizeFinder - See more at: http://www.theprizefinder.com/content/project-mc2-doll-christmas-present#sthash.9PVSBCUI.dpuf

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