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Schizophrenia - A few Facts And Where To Get Medication

 Risperdal For Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is a mental illness that directly affects patient’s perception of reality. Person who is suffering from this condition is unable to tell what is real and what is fantasy, it disrupts his logic sense and his feeling towards other people while interfering with his social interaction. In case of schizophrenia, there is a disturbance of brain functions. Due to this, patient will experience changes in thinking, perception, emotions and all in all behavior.

About 1 % of people will develop some form of schizophrenia during their life. Obviously, there needs to be some sort of a genetic flaw in order for person to develop it. For example, if individual’s parents had this disorder, there is about 10 to 15 % chance that that person will also be affected by it. If both parents have it, there is about 40 % chance that child of those parents will have it as well. If you buy Risperdal online from You! Drugstore, you are able to control most of the symptoms of the disease.
Young men are the main risk group. It usually develops in period between 15 and 35 years of age and the biggest risk is in around 20 years. When it comes to women, they commonly get it around age of 20. However, unlike men who have less chance to get sick as the years go by, the risk of getting schizophrenia increases with age in females.

The main reason for developing this disorder is still unknown up to this day. Studies show us that some people are simply more sensitive to outer influence and stimuli. Due to this vulnerability, they are negatively affected by things happening around them making them less resistant to stress, fatigue and inner conflicts. When tension and stress become too much to bear, such a person will experience something similar to a mental breakdown with which, disease will ensue.

Illness can manifest itself in many ways with completely different symptoms. Some individuals may experience extremely problematic issues while others will barely notice them. Whatever may be the case, patient will feel that there is something wrong. People who are suffering from this condition are very fearful and they believe that the others are asking too much from them. Schizophrenia leads to loss of personality and identity. In some cases, patient may feel as if there are no boundaries between him and his environment. Besides that, patient believes that the others took control of his actions.

Medical experts call this “disturbance of ego”. We can divide symptoms of schizophrenia into positiveand negative. Positive appear in acute phases or in the very beginning of the disease while negative will appear after some time.

Nevertheless, patients will be forced to take medication such as Risperdal. According to You! Drugstore, besides schizophrenia, it can also be used for treatment of bipolar disorder. Medicine can be taken with or without food. Common side effects that may appear after using the drug are: problems with urination, mask-like face, shuffling walk, trouble sleeping, difficulty concentrating, anxiety, loss of balance control, skin rash or itching and many other issues.

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