Tuesday, 10 November 2015

The Child That Wont Eat Breakfast

Every morning in my house there is a daily battle in the mornings. So what is the battle that I have to fight every single morning? Its to get Tilly to eat breakfast. Now we have all sorts of food for her to eat in the house and she can have anything from 3 different types of cereal's to toast, or yoghurt to fruit and cheese. BUT still I have a daily battle with her to eat in the morning!

Now I know the perfect parents among you all will be criticizing me for not forcing my child to eat a proper breakfast, after all I could hold my child's mouth open and force her to eat but I wont force her to eat if she doesn't want to. She has her own mind and if she isn't going to eat then I am not going to force her. Of course I feel like a failure for leaving for school without her eating breakfast again but then we stop at the shop on the way and she chooses a different fruit, she will eat a few mouthfuls and leave the rest. Again my heart sinks as she shouldn't be going to school on an empty stomach.

You see it all the time, people criticizing parents for sending their kids to school without breakfast, in fact most of them are so judgmental without knowing the full facts of the story. It makes me so angry because nobody knows a persons reason for a child not going to school with breakfast. Tilly does have a very healthy appetite, she eats two cooked meals a day as well as snacks in between. but she just wont eat breakfast.

I could get angry and I could yell and get stressed over the fact that she wont eat a full breakfast instead of eating a tiny fromage frais or a cheese slice, but what is the use in upsetting my daughter? what is the use in her going to school sad and upset because I have being trying to force her to eat more than 6 mouthfuls of an apple? People have told me that I should be sitting her down and refuse to move until she eats something, So I am supposed to upset her and wait hours until she eats something? believe me I would be there all day as I have the most stubborn daughter ever.

Anyone who knows my family will know that Tilly has been though a lot over the past six months and has had her heart crushed by someone close to her. She is going through lots of things in her life and is asking a lot of questions about her family and about the incident that happened, so the last thing I want to do is push her further into her little shell and worry that we don't love her. Its like we are walking on egg shells most of the time, reassuring her she is loved.

But this morning I was so proud of Tilly as she actually sat and ate a bowl with two weetabix! She took a mouthful and for a tense moment I thought she was going to say she didn't want it, but she sat and ate the whole lot. I was one really happy mummy. It was a hurdle that we crossed and I told her how well she had done, I know her eating breakfast should be a natural thing and every child should eat it. But next time you see a child that goes to school without eating breakfast, It isn't down to bad parenting. Sometimes there is more to it than that. Today I didn't feel like I had failed as a parent, today I won as a parent.

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