Friday, 20 November 2015

The Kindness Of Kids

Recently my little girl has really touched my heart with her kindness and the way she is towards other people less fortunate than her or sadder than her. She may only be 5 years old, but she seems to have the compassion and empathy of a person of 25.

I really have noticed it over the past few weeks, ever since it was time to buy a poppy for Remembrance Sunday. Now she wants to keep donating money to 'The Poppies', I have tried to explain that its over, but she was quite upset at the thought of the money not going to charity, It was Children in Need the following week but she still insisted her money went to 'The Poppies'.

Recently Tilly has been helping me with lots of blog posts, preparing them for gift guides for Christmas and we have been sent an obscene amount of toys, in fact more toys than a child could even imagine having. So we took the decision to donate half of the toys to local families that need an extra bit of help this Christmas. Christmas isn't fun if you have no money to buy toys for your kids or if you have a big family to buy for. It can be a big worry. I have been in this position at Christmas and its not nice at all. People have had to help me and I have had to use a food bank to feed my kids. A very good friend even sent us a Tesco Voucher last year as we struggled to get the money together for a meal. I explained to Tilly that we were going to review the toys and give them to children that didn't have much money (it was the best way I could explain it to a 5 year old) She immediately wanted to help and she tested all the toys before we placed them back in the box and pop them aside for other children. Not once has she asked for the toys, Not once has she demanded the toys, Not once has she cried for the toys and instead she has asked questions about when we will give them out and can she come along too. She has asked questions about how people can't afford things and we have addressed the subject of poverty. Don't get me wrong we are not rich and we will never be rich, I am on a minimum wage and work 16 hours a week, so the Items I receive when I blog often help us out over the year and means Tilly comes across as a very privileged child, but in reality we often live hand to mouth. Tilly always asks to take a friend when we are invited to an event because she wants someone else to enjoy the luck she has.

Her generosity hasn't stopped there, A few days ago she saw a little girl crying (her friends little sister) and we were going to the shop after school, so as she didn't want to see her friends sister crying, she reached deep into her book bag, took out her purse and insisted there was money in there. Now I couldn't see any money in her purse but she reached inside and in a little pocket there was a shiny 5p, she took it out with a smile on her face and handed it to the little girl, who stopped crying straight away and smiled at Tilly. That little 5p coin had made a difference to her and she was happy. Tilly didn't even give it a second thought, but I felt like I was going to burst with pride. She may only be 5 years old but she has more compassion and manners than an adult at times.

This little girl is mine and I am so proud to call her my daughter. She is being bought up by myself as a single parent, but she also lives with two older siblings, who are 21 and 23. So hopefully between the three of us we are guiding her on the right path through life and with three of us keeping her on the straight and narrow, we night actually succeed in bringing up a beautiful, clever and wise young lady :)

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