Monday, 30 November 2015

The Tiger Who Came To Tea Live In The West End #Review

We were invited to the Lyric theatre in London at the weekend to watch The Tiger Who Came To Tea. As Tilly is familiar with the story, I thought it would make it easier for her to understand the stage show.

The show comes from the best selling book written by Judith Kerr and was adapted and directed by David Wood OBE for the stage. And from the moment the show starts, the children are enthralled. Just as Sophie and her mummy sit down to eat their dinner at 4pm, the doorbell rings. It can't be the postman as he has just been, it can't be the milkman as he has just been and it can't be Daddy as he is at work - so who can it be? They open the door and nobody is there, so they close it again. The doorbell rings again and there is nobody there, but as they turn away the audience get to see the tiger and noise erupts from the audience as all the little people shout 'Its the tiger!' Of course Sophie and her mummy don't see the tiger and the bell rings again. This time it is the tiger and although they are scared of him to start with, they invite him to tea. I won't spoil the show by writing about the whole plot line because then it will spoil it for everyone who wants to go and see it.

There was loads of audience participation and that went down so well with the children. It makes them feel part of the show. The stage was bright, colourful and clear for all to see, the sound was clear and filled the theatre. The costumes were colourful and were the same as in the book so it adds some familiarity for the children that go and see it.

Sophie is played by Abbey Norman and she is perfect for the part, She played it so well and even Tilly believed she was a little girl. Mummy is played by Jenanne Redman and Daddy is Benjamin Wells who also plays the Postman, Milkman and Tiger.
The show is perfect for children over 3 years old, because they normally know the story by this age. The show is just under an hour long, so its perfect for the younger ones that don't like to sit still for too long. The tiger costume was very cartoonesque and didn't look at all scary for the children. He was also comical, so made the children laugh. Tilly was absolutely mesmerised all the way through the show and didn't need telling twice to join in along with the other children in the audience. I am sure she thought she was special because the actors made sure they looked all around the audience and she felt like they were looking at her personally. The way the food disappeared as the tiger ate it was magical too and it reappeared again later on in the performance. Whether it was joining in with the Tick Tocking of the clock or the Sing-a-long, there was always something for her to join in with.

The Tiger That Came To Tea is playing at the Lyric Theatre from now until 10th January 2016, when it moves to Australia for a tour over there. The tickets are £19.25 and £15.10 when you book online . The show is on everyday with one performance a day except weekends when there are two showings a day. If your a fan of the book, get some tickets to catch this show before it finishes. Its a perfect Christmas gift for a child or even just a Christmas treat.

We gave this show a 5* review.

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