Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Tips On Keeping Warm This Winter With Secondary Glazing

I think we can all agree that winter is well and truly here! So how do you keep your house warm?

My house only has single glazing and can get so draughty in the winter and with the price of fuel rising all the time, we need to stop and think about ways to save money. If your windows are causing a draught, then any heating that your paying for could be escaping through them.

One thing you can do to prevent such a draught is to buy some secondary glazing from from a company like The Plastic People,where you can buy a pane of cost-effective acrylic perspex.to place on your window. Its so easy to attach with the stripping that comes alongside the perspex. By using acrylic perspex, it looks just like you have double glazing on your windows so you get a few of the benefits of double glazing and the material is 17x stronger than glass. The double glazing kits are also very effective for reducing noise in a property, as well as reducing the amount of heat lost through windows.

Shop for your secondary glazing kits online now; The Plastic People will supply your acrylic perspex panes to fit your windows and deliver on a date that suits you. Simply choose your preferred delivery date when you reach the checkout and pay for your windows. Hopefully with a purchase from The Plastic People you home will be cosy and warm this winter.

So whats the quick and easy way to double glaze

Firstly you have the Easyfix that really is easy to fit yourself and they recommend Easyfix for larger internal or external windows. All you will need to complete the job is a screwdriver, craft knife, marker pen and a tape measure.

In the kit you will ge
Acrylic plastic glazing which will be delivered to your exact measurements, 
30m of flexible white PVC “U-strip” edging, 
24 nylon fixing clips, 
24 wood screws, 
A mitre block for perfect corner cuts on the edging  
Easy to follow instructions

Fitting is easy - simply put your plastic into the PVC "U-strip" then screw it to your window frame with the supplied nylon turn-clips or wood screws. It can be easily removed when required. 

Next you have  the simplest and quickest way to double glaze with magnetic secondary glazing system that provides cost effective heat and noise insulation along with instant access to the outer window. its easy to put up and easy to remove, no tools are needed. This even looks like something I could do!

In the kit you will get
Your acrylic window glazing which will be delivered to your exact measurements
5m roll (10mm wide) of white self-adhesive strip. The strip has 2 parts: one 5m black magnetic strip and one 5m white metallic strip
Easy to follow instructions.

Fitting this glazing is quick and easy, all you'll need is a pair of scissors and a tape measure.
Cut and stick the black magnetic strip to the edges of your new acrylic window pane.
Hold the acrylic window pane to the existing window frame so that it overlaps equally on each edge
Using a pencil draw around the acrylic window pane onto your frame.
Now cut and stick the white metal strip to your window frame - stick it just inside the pencil marks.
Finally, lift your acrylic glazing pane to the window and click into place.
This is perfect for smaller windows and for quick removal once the weather starts getting better
Ordering is so easy, all you need to do is to enter the measurements of your desired window pane size in our Made To Measure box on this page. Delivery is usually between 7-10 days and will cost between £5.50 and £12 (all depends on the size of your order)

For more options and details about secondary glazing, Please pop over to www.theplasticpeople.co.uk.

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