Friday, 27 November 2015

Transforming Children's Bedroom's With

Tilly has always been in the same bedroom as me due to the lack of space in our home. But in the summer, we had a big move around and as my son moved out, Tilly was able to have her own room! Finally we both had our own space to call our sanctuary. Sadly Tillys room is in need of decoration. I always paint the walls in our home because I am rubbish at wall papering! I leave gaps and get bubbles underneath the paper, which then looks awful. I can't afford to get the decorators in so I found myself looking around for alternatives. Tilly does want a mural in her bedroom, And as much as I have tried to talk her out of it she just won't take no for an answer. We come across a website called Transform A Wall, where you can find beautiful, original and changeable fabric wall murals that are designed to make a child's bedroom wall's stand out.

The murals are nothing like wall paper, they are made from fabric and placed on the wall by a attaching to the metal frame that comes in the kit. They are so easy to install yourself and all you do is make the frame, attach it to the whole length of the wall. Once its secure you attach the child's mural by stretching it over the frame and securing the silicone lip by pressing it into the aluminium frame. 
This kind of mural add loads of colour to a child's room and it is easy to remove the mural and swap it with a different design if the child changes her mind. This adds something special to your child's wall and you even have the option of adding your own picture to a mural - how cool is that? If they have a special memory in a photo, It can be made into a mural and their treasured memory will be part of their room and it gives the real bespoke look to the room..

So whats the benefits of having a Transform A Wall child's mural?

They are so easy to install yourself
It comes in one peice with NO joint lines
Easy to replace when time for a change
Made to your measurements
No wall preparation needed
You don't need paste
There is no mess
Quick to install
Helps with noise reduction
Fast to refresh

You can buy your own children's mural at, The minimum size is 60cms by 60cms and prices start at just over £120. You can get it the exact size you need by choosing your size after you have chosen your design. Orders are dispatched within 10-15 days and there is free delivery in UK.

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