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What Essential Oils Balance You Out? Epoch Essential Oils From Nu Skin

Sometimes we get carried away with the hustle and bustle of life that we actually feel unbalanced, stressed and often over tired. So Nu Skin put a lot of research into how we could get this balance back in our life. So they sent a world leading ethnobotanist around the globe to bring us new ways to infuse our hectic lives with new essential oils. Have you used essential oils? most of the time we stick to the oils we know and we use them like everyone else would but we often don't know why we would use essential oils other than making our surroundings smell nice.

So what essential oil would you use to balance you out?

Stressed, Cant Sleep? - At the end of a busy hectic day you can relax with the natural, floral aroma of Epoch Lavender essential oil, It is calming and soothing and if you pop some on the Epoch Aromatic stone or in an infuser. Put a few drops in a warm bath or rub this oil on your pillow at night to calm and soothe. Use it to get some me time, it works well alongside the Glacial Marine Mud Mask. Simply pop on the mask and pop on your infuser and let the mask do its work, whilst the Lavender helps to balance you out.

Need Fresh Smelling Surroundings? - Citrus fragrance always offers a vibrant, light smell and this essential oil smells like the zest of a fresh lemon and will give any space a feeling of crisp freshness that will surprise and delight. Epoch Lemon can be used to help remove odours, so if you use it in the infuser or or pop it on your aromatic stone, you should enjoy the freshness of your surroundings.use it in the kitchen to eliminate any unwanted cooking smells.

Need Mental Awakeness And Help With Brainstorming? - Dive into the refreshing, sharp aroma of Epoch Peppermint essential oil at home or on the go. Apply Epoch Peppermint on your skin or diffuse in the air for a wonderful, exhilarating sensation that will motivate you throughout your day. Peppermint not only helps to keep you alert and awake but also awakens our brain and is perfect for keeping in your study. If your struggling with college/ uni work, Then this Peppermint essential oil will work for you.

Looking For A Warm And Welcoming Home? - Epoch Harmony is a blend of cinnamon and clove and other essential oils, which is used in the courts of China and  Japan as an incense to promote a sense of cleanliness. Add a few drops of Harmony to an infuser to offer a welcome to guests this winter.

Want An Oil To Help With Yoga And Meditation? - After cleansing your body and mind, then you need to boost your senses with this Epoch Chill essential oil. It has lovely scents of eucalyptus and Siberian fur as well as lemon, nutmeg and tea tree. The eucalyptus gives the feeling of easy breathing and a cooling sensation perfect for after sauna's to extend the feeling of easy breathing.

Feeling Monday Morning Blues? - If your at a loss of where the summer has gone, Its cold and you want that sunshine back again, or its Monday morning and you need a bit of get up and go, then you need the energetic blend of citrus and mint essential oils that you will find in the Epoch Sunshine essential oil. Combined with fresh grapefruit, tangerine, lime and exotic Mediterranean bergamot. This exotic citrus fragrance will leave you to feeling refreshed and and a perfect start to your day.

Want to purify you mind and soul? - If you want to quieten your mind and purify your soul, then you need to try the Epoch Peace essential oil. Lavender was used by Arabians for wellness, they used to tie lavender flowers and leaves to their head or they would rub lavender into their forehead. In Southern Italy, People have used bergamot as a source of fragrance for a very long time. This is perfect for dropping into your infuser whilst meditating or when you just need to clear your mind and soul.

All of these essential oils are available to buy online at We have the Epoch Aromatic Stone and you simply drop about 5 or 6 drops of the essential oils on to the stone and keep the tin open for a couple of hours a day, then the fragrance will last you up to 2 weeks. You too can enjoy the Epoch Essential Oils by clicking here

Whats your favourite Essential oil?

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  1. This is very informative article you shared here. I have read many articles on essential oils diffuser. But most of them are not as rich as you.It is a pleasure reading it.Thanks a lot for sharing this information with us all.


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