Wednesday, 2 December 2015

A Day In The Life Of Us

You would think that I was a really responsible parent and that I could look after myself and my daughter on a day out in London, but even the best laid plans never go right - especially in my little world!

So on Sunday morning I found myself up and on a train by 930am, quite how I managed it - I don't know because I had been out partying until 3am and had somehow consumed what seems like gallons of vodka. But I did it and I said my Sunday prayers on the train because I am so grateful for the High speed that now runs through Kent, meaning we can be in London in an hour. It also has plug sockets which was handy because I had the worst bed hair! God Bless the Kindle as a mirror

So we took our seat, I passed Tilly her kindle and she asked me on a loop if she could have Netflix on. No matter how many times I told her no, she didn't quite seem to grasp it. Plugged my fabulous Duel Curler from Remington (notice the sneaky mention) in and did my hair. We arrived in London and got off the wrong tube for the theatre, for some reason, I always listen to men who tell me to go the wrong way. And after walking down Shaftsbury Avenue, we arrived at the theatre to watch The Tiger Who Came To tea. We had fabulous seats and by this time we were drenched, it had been a big fat waste of time curling my hair really!

We watched the show and grabbed some lunch in Macdonalds before joining The World Climate March. I suddenly remembered Tilly had a top on that I need photographs off, So I glanced at the tomato ketchup she was about to dip her fries into and I quickly told her to go and pose for pictures, so in the middle of Macdonalds she did this !
Not quite the picture I was after, but you can spot a bloggers child a mile off because they can pose on demand. There were thousands upon thousands of people at the Climate Change March and Tilly was right in there carrying her placard. Not only did she try and trip me up a dozen times but she also injured other people too. I don't think they needed hospitalisation because who would go and get checked out for injuries and have to explain that a five year old injured them. The march finished in Westminster and we grabbed the tube to Marble arch to meet my family who were staying in a hotel. Its funny really because the Tube is one of the dirtiest places in the world, yet Westminster Tube station is so sparkly and clean, the chrome finishings look immaculate and they have the safety barrier so you cant get near the track. Obviously this is one of the perks of being a member of parliament - you get to use a posh tube station.

So we are so knackered as we arrive at the hotel that my cousin is staying in, We look like we have been on a protect march with drenched hair, red dirty faces and wearing t-shirts for the cause. We take a seat in reception in the hope that nobody notices us and phone up to my cousin, She will be on her way down she says. Tick tock tick tock..... we wait and nobody comes, she phones up and says she has been down and couldn't see us, so I ask at the reception and the receptionist turns her nose up at me as if I am a tramp ( I really want to say 'yes I am a tramp but only on a Saturday night' but I held back) anyway she says I need to go down the road, so here I am sat in the wrong bleeding hotel.

Off we go again down the road to find ourselves entering an even posher hotel and I am sure I saw someone hiding the silver from the tables as they saw us coming - we really must of looked that bad! but luckily it was the right hotel and off we went to meet our family. We couldn't stay long and they 'escorted' us back to Marble Arch, they say it was to make sure we got back okay, but I think it was to make sure we went.

I always cut it close to get the trains and on Sunday I couldn't believe how close it was! we had 5 minutes between getting off the Victoria tube line train and getting to the High Speed section of ST P. I dragged tilly as we ran and as I held her hand we had cries of 'my leg is broken I can't run!'. We reached the gates of platform 12 with a minute before the train was due to go and I had a split second to think shall I go through the wide gate which was the other end of the gates or quickly go through the little gate with Tilly. So of course to save time I went through the little gate and ran through as she followed, Suddenly I heard a shout of 'MUM, MUM' and turned round to be horrified at what I saw, she was stuck in the ticket barrier - proper Paddington Bear style. I ran back and pulled her through before we ran for the train again with moans from Tilly as she swung her arms about all jelly like 'Mum my arms are broken' 'Well run I said and I will look at them on the train', the guard was blowing his whistle and it was enough of a distraction from the broken arms for Tilly to shout 'stop blowing your whistle, we want to get on the train, please don't go' The guard let out a sympathetic laugh and let us on.

We took our seat and tried to get our breathe back as we laughed about what had happened, it was funny actually as her broken arms were suddenly forgotten as she got her Kindle out to play with again!

But a good day was had by all and it wouldn't be a good day out if there wasn't an adventure included.

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