Saturday, 19 December 2015

A Game For Christmas - Seagull Splat

In our home, we always play a board game at Christmas, I think its because we are usually so busy all year long that we rarely actually find time to sit down and spend some quality time playing board games. So this is one of our traditions for Christmas time. It has become a bit of a joke guessing which person will receive the game as a gift, but for the past couple of years it has been Tilly who has received the Christmas game, Its been fun going back to playing kids games that really don't take much concentration.

This years game is Seagull Splat and as soon as she saw it was a pooping Seagull, it made the game more appealing to her. She ran around the house shouting 'I have a bird that poo's' with an evil little giggle!

The game is so simple to set up, you can have up to 4 players and each player has a family of four people sunbathing, then you spin the spinner and what ever colour it lands on you fly the Seagull over the people and squeeze the tail. If it sqeaks and there is no poop on the sunbathers, then they had a lucky escape. But if it squeaks and poop lands on your person, then you have lost a member of the family.

This game bought so many giggles from Tilly as she tried to get everyone out of the game before her. You need to play tactically too as one of the players might spin the spinner and it land on a rainbow. This means they can choose anyone they like, so if you have been pooping on a particular persons sunbathers they can easily get their revenge back at you. Everytime somebody had to poop on Tilly's sunbathers she held her breath as they flew over and squeezed the seagulls tail, then as the seagull left without pooping on her sunbathers, she would let out the most evil of laugh's!

The game is so simple to play and very easy to understand for the little ones. Tilly is five and she could easily be left alone to play this with her friends. You have a foam formula that you pop into the seagulls head, that becomes the Poop, it is kind of like washing up liquid, so it seems to be harmless to the table cloth as it didn't stain whilst we played.

The game is made by Universal Games and is available in most toys shops and places like Amazon and Argos . They are perfect games to catch the kids attention and actually hold it for more than 5 minutes. Tilly would give this a 6/5 if she could! We even took it on a train journey to play it as we travelled.

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