Saturday, 26 December 2015

An Open Letter To ShoeZone, Why Take Away Our Spirit?

Dear ShoeZone,

You know that little community you find? the little town that is on the edge of the country, you know the place that people like to go to for a day out and spend a bit of their hard earned money? The kind of place where everyone knows everyone elses business? No I guess you don't because you have actually ripped the heart out of the community by closing down a store in Deal,Kent. To you I am sure its business, but to others its a way of life and the shock of the store closure to become a coffee shop ( town gossip) has sent ripples through our town!

Our local ShoeZone is a place where many people can go in to buy their shoes, bags or school bits and leave as a friend. You can go in with the weight of the world on your shoulders and the staff in there will go above their job description to listen tor woes! I have seen a special needs couple go in every week and they always take money in for the collection box, or donations of prizes for the Children in Need raffle, I have seen children going in crying and leaving smiling. I have seen the staff go out of their way to locate a product for a customer and I have even encountered it myself when my daughter was younger, they tried so hard to find my little girl some yellow wellies. I have seen them locate products on the internet for customers, even though I know they are probably pressured to keep their figures up by including internet sales (I work in retail and know the importance of Internet sales against a stores performance.)

You taking ShoeZone away from my little town not only leaves us without a place to buy affordable shoes, but it leaves so many members of staff without a job, members of staff that were told a few weeks before Christmas that there would be no job for them in the weeks after Christmas - how very festive! The staff that have worked for you for such a long time, that they have been there for as long as I have lived in the town. Staff that now have to find a new job when other companies are having to cut their work budgets in the weeks after Christmas. These people rely on their jobs to feed their families!

What are we supposed to do when we need shoes? order online for them to arrive in 3 -5 working days? oh its okay, we will just walk around with broken shoes in the mean time! what use is ordering children's shoes online when you have no facility to measure their feet? It will be a case of returning them and trying again and again.

Now as you all enjoy your Christmas bonuses, big fat turkeys and expensive Christmas gifts, please spare a thought of the people heading to poverty with a bleak prospect in the coming year, please spare a thought for another store you have taken from our town and please remember another town with lost revenue and more shoppers leaving town to buy their shopping elsewhere. Towns can't survive without businesses providing goods, providing people with a place to work.

From An Upset Customer

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