Thursday, 24 December 2015

Avoiding The Flu This Winter

Having two children with Asthma I know the importance of having the Flu jab in the winter, We always spend months deciding what we are getting for Christmas, what we are doing New Years Eve and even what the menu will be for Christmas, yet we often forget the importance of keeping well.

In the winter we are more susceptible to bugs and illnesses so we really need to step up out health routine and stay fighting fit for the months to come. Having flu would just about ruin your Christmas plans that you had taken months painstakingly doing.

Here are a few tips for keeping bug free this winter

  • Wash your hands all the time, carry around a little anti bacterial bottle full of a cleanser and just pop some on your hands every so often. Keep sides and surfaces clean too. Door handles, toilet seats, doors, chairs, tables.... the list is endless, but they all pass germs on from one person to another. So the cleaner the better and use that hand cleanser if your out and about.
  • Make sure you wrap up warm and make sure any elderley relatives are keeping warm too because this will lower your risk of picking up flu, colds and even more serious illnesses. Dress in layers, you can always take clothes off if you get hot. The more layers you have on, the more heat will be kept in your body. Keep your room temp at 18 degrees or above to stay warm.
  • Eat foods that offer fuel for your body. Vegetables like spinach, cashew nuts and lean chicken contain zinc and they will give your body a boost when you need it. Boost your immune system with citrus fruits, make a lemon tea or drink hot water and lemon.
  • Make sure you stay hydrated and if you drink enough water it will keep your kidneys flushing toxins from your body, making you feel instantly better and healthier.
  • Make sure you get enough sleep, this is extremely important if you're ill, because sleep will help your body to rest and prepare. 
  • Get your flu jab. Everyone should have the flu jab whether you are classed as being in good health or fall into the ‘at risk’ category. The flu is highly contagious and can knock anyone off their feet for weeks – not ideal over the Christmas period!
  • While many otherwise healthy people will get over the virus in 2-3 weeks with plenty of bed rest and fluids, it can have much more serious complications if spread to others, such as the elderly, pregnant, or those with underlying health conditions.

The flu jab itself won’t give you the flu either. It contains only inactive particles and prevents you from getting flu, and therefore stops you from passing it on to anyone more vulnerable too. You can get yours at any local pharmacy without an appointment today. To learn more about the flu jab or find your nearest participating pharmacy, please visit

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