Thursday, 3 December 2015

David Cameron It Isn't You! #bully

Dear David Cameron.

I would like to thank you for deciding on behalf of the UK that we will be bombing Syria. I want to personally thank you for sentencing us to death!

After all it isn't you who will be getting on the tube one morning when a suicide bomber steps on next to you,
It isn't you who will be out in a queue in macdonalds when a suicide bomber comes and stands next to you and your children.
No Mr Cameron , because you have your house locked behind a high security gate with protection EVERYWHERE!

It isn't you that will soon be too scared to go to big cities as spend money, causing a knock on effect to the local businesses.
It isn't you who is in Syria, scared of the bombs coming from the sky.
It isn't you who is the child in Syria that lost their parents in a bomb strike!

It isn't you who is the mother sending their ill equipped soldier son off to fight the war that you decided to start.
It isn't you grieving or the father that will be lost in your war with Syria.
It isn't you who will grow up without parents because they were lost in your so called war on terrorism.

It isn't you who now fears getting on a plane because you have bought your own jet for £10million.
It isn't you who is waiting on an NHS list for treatment because there is no money in the pot but there is money to go to war.

This war is your war and the British people don't want it. Evil breeds evil and your putting our country at risk or retaliation from the terrorists. You have made so many wrong choices since you became prime minister and still you ignore the voices of the people. I didn't realise we lived in a state where our opinions don't matter!

I know who I would trust to run this country and IT ISN'T YOU!

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