Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Do You Have Any Christmas Traditions?

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Did you know that in Norway carol singers get rewarded with a shot of snaps, while in Finland Christmas is not complete without a visit to the sauna and in France children who have been disobedient are frightened with an ‘evil version’ of Santa Claus?

In the run up to Christmas, Santa Line took the opportunity to find out what its passengers think of the different traditions that take place around the world during the festive season, with some surprising results. So I thought we would add a bit of what our Christmas traditions are too. We always open one gift on Christmas Eve, I usually buy Pyjamas for Christmas eve and that is the gift that gets opened, then they put them on after we have been to midnight mass and they wear them all of Christmas morning. We have a Christmas Eve box for Tilly and her new Pyjamas are usually in there along with a Christmas DVD, some hot chocolate and sweets / snacks. This year is slightly different for us as Kimmy will be working as a carer on Christmas morning, This ensures that The elderly and infirm will get to see someone on Christmas Day and she can bring some festive cheer to them. So we will be waiting for her to come home before we open our presents, as it wouldn't be the same doing it without her.Everyone has different traditions and the survey is part of Stena Line’s festive celebrations, which has also seen the leading ferry company change its name to Santa Line for December, and was carried out in a selection of ten European countries in which it operates ferry services. The survey highlighted that the UK population are a nice bunch of folk with only 4% saying they would be willing to adopt the French tradition of frightening children who have been disobedient with an ‘evil version’ of Santa Claus with 36% saying they would leave an empty chair by the dinner table in memory of those no longer with us like they do in Poland.

We all like a festive tipple, but who knew that in Norway for example, carol singers get rewarded with a shot of snaps. Surprisingly only 17% of Santa Line’s UK passengers said they would adopt this tradition, sounds like we may need to take a little inspiration from our Norwegian cousins to really get into the Christmas spirit!

Not surprisingly, 77% of people from the UK are most looking forward to spending time with family and friends, 58% can’t wait to get stuck into the traditional Christmas food. With 43% of people surveyed looking forward to giving their loved ones presents perhaps somewhat surprisingly, receiving gifts isn’t anywhere near as important to people from the UK, with only 6% saying this is something they look forward to, present buyers beware!

One common theme across all the results is that people are open to the idea of celebrating Christmas in another country with 70% of UK passengers surveyed saying this is something they would definitely consider. 

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