Monday, 7 December 2015

The Frosted Fairground At Dreamland, Margate

So this happened on Saturday ....... Little Miss had a surprise day out to Dreamland in Margate for the start of the Frosted Fairground that is on from now until Christmas Eve. We took the train because it is so easily accessible for Dreamland, you literally walk less than 5 minutes to get there. We arrived for the 10am opening and started the morning with a visit to the Octopus's Garden, something we had never done before. It is a play area designed for under 5's and there is something for everyone to do. There is a small inside beach which is perfect for the kids that want to go to the beach and its the wrong kind of weather. There is soft play area and also areas to be creative. There is a cafe situated inside and they cater for kids parties and they offer a fab lunch box meal for kids consisting of sandwich, crisps and a drink along with 3 other snack items, this costs £3.95.

After our play in the Octopus's Garden I was ready to go on the rides, so with some gentle persuasion I managed to get Tilly to go outside where the whole of the Frosted Fairground awaited her. As soon as you get tot the entrance your greeted by various wintery characters who spend time interacting with all of the people going in and out.

The rides are working on a pay as you go scheme for the entire time of the Frosted Fairground, so the park is free to enter and you just pay for what ever you want to ride. Tokens are available from kiosks and the rides are free for members, you just need to collect a wristband. The day was full of things to do from the moment you enter the park, you can enjoy stories in the secret story shed. we listened to 'The Night Before Christmas' which is absolutely my favorite Christmas story. With flickering candles and beanbags to sit on it is the perfect setting to sit and listen to the story. In between the rides, you will find so much entertainment, from a mobile pantomine, where the characters involve all the audience to lovable cuddly characters. There are also many stalls to look around in the Christmas market, giving you the opportunity to buy some little gifts to put under the tree. You can also decorate a decoration to go on the tree. There is even a parade with Teddy and Betty and everyone can join in as they walk round some of the park.

At the end of the day after buying mince pies from the men walking around the park with their goods and eating loads of candy floss the last thing to do was visit the good old man himself. We queued to go into the Elf department, where the children and some mums and dads joined in with singing and dancing like a penguin before Santa came in to read a story to the kids. Then as it was time to go, everyone gets a brown paper bag with a wrapped gift in it. You can also take a photo with your child and Santa included in the £9.95 per child. The toys is a good quality one made by Hornby Hobbies and the whole experience was worth the money.

In Tillys own words ..... 'It was the best day EVER!! You can find more details for your own Christmas experience at the Frosted Fairground at

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