Friday, 11 December 2015

There Is Snow Place Like Home

Tilly may only be 5 years old but she is a very wise 5 year old and she has been bought up to know that there are many different people in the world and that the world is a big place. She has been bought up to know that people in different countries have such different lifestyles and whilst some people live a rich life style, it has taught her that other live in absolute poverty. So when we were challenged by Ocean Loans to create a home from nothing, we got right on it.

This time of the year it is all about Santa and the North Pole so the conversations are full of snow and whats the North Pole like? Although I have been lucky enough to visit Rovinemi In Finland, I can talk from experience and say Santa is real because we met him!

So over the past few weeks Tilly has had lots of questions about eskimo's and wanted to know where they lived. I explained they live in igloo's but the best way to show her was to actually get an igloo from Not On The High Street and then make it up for her to have her own little experience of living in an igloo (without the coldness). The house is cardboard and very eco friendly, its made from sustainable sources and is completely recyclable when your done with it. When it arrived and we made it up, it was huge, infact a little big for out lounge so we were able to remove a couple of the panels and make a smaller igloo for her to play in and thats where the fun started. You can leave your igloo as it is but we found it more fun to add a bit of colour to it, and Tilly wanted it a bit like a Frozen theme (obviously like 90% of the little girls ). So with a little bit of a hunt around we found lots of bits to make her house a home.

Tilly had some grand idea's and to see her put it together and transform her cardboard igloo in to her dream home was so much fun. She was very particular and everything had to be to her specification. The only thing i was allowed to do was to staple the ribbons in the door way. For the inside we found some white fabric to complete the whole snow look and she popped her own little frozen xmas tree in there too.

Here is our finished Igloo, I may be biased but I think she did a pretty good job :)

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