Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tilly's First Protest March #SaveOurSwirled

So Sunday 29th November was The People's Climate March. The march marked the start of crucial discussions, where political leaders all over the world were to be drawing up a plan of action to tackle climate change. We were invited by the guys from Ben & Jerrys who felt strong enough about the cause that they decided to participate. Thousands upon thousands of people from all backgrounds gathered in major cities around the world and the atmosphere was amazing. I did think long and hard about taking Tilly as I had never done anything like this before and I know that protest marches can go wrong and end up in violence. But I needed of worried at all, This protest march was full of the friendliest people around and all of them welcomed the many children involved in it and encourages them to wear t-shirts and carry posters or placards. Tilly actually carried one for the whole length of the march and never complained once, she shouted, cheered and chanted as she went and she was in her element.

Pushing a tree through the streets of London - because you see that every day!

 Thankful that its finished 
 Ben and Jerrys float

You can find out more about Ben And Jerry's Climate Justice Here and the values they care about in the world.

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