Monday, 21 December 2015

Tilly Is Going To Save The World, One Person At A Time #blogitforward

I have been challanged by Stephanie at to write about a random act of kindness for the #blogitforward campaign. For every blogger that participates they will donate £50 to Habitat for Humanity. Habitat for Humanity are a charity that will use all the donated money to help people get out of poverty in the UK. Poverty is rife in the UK at the moment with many people not wanting to admit how hard things are for them. THese companies can help and so can any of you bloggers. Simply go to to accept the challenge. My random act of kindness is about my daughter who is only 5 years old and she always thinks of others before herself, As she helped homeless people, I thought it would be a appropriate post to write.

Recently I wrote about how my little girl of only 5 years old had made the choice of donating most of the toys we received from gift guides, I thought this was a really selfless act for such a young child to do. A normal 5 year old would love to keep all of the toys but my special little girl wanted them all to go to families that were struggling this Christmas. It isn't just about the toys either, If there was someone needed some money, she would reach deep into her pockets and reach for her last coins to make sure that person needed the money. It might only be 5p or a £1, but it is the kindness that brings a lump to my throat.

We went to London on Friday to the theatre, Something Tilly really enjoys to do and after the show we went for a walk along some of the streets in London. I think its important for kids to see parts of London, that we often don't see when we are rushing around. So as we were walking, she got curious as to the people living on the street, She asked me how they had got there and I tried to explain the best I could to a five yr old. Then she looked at me, told me she was sad and asked if she could by them a Christmas present. Her kindness just really melts my heart and although we had no money to spend on luxuries on Friday, she still wanted to find some to make the day of a homeless person - Who was I to say no?

We went to a local supermarket on The Strand and we bought some selection boxes and packs of grapes (odd choice but it was her choice) and she handed them out with a smile on her face, She gets so much joy from giving to others. And she she gave them presents she asked what they were doing to keep warm and they took time to talk to her and show her how they kept warm. She spotted one lady had an asthma pump and she made sure she was keeping warm, Tilly has asthma herself and she knows how you have to look after your chest so that you don't get ill.

My daughters kindness astounds me, she is a 5 year old child putting us adults to shame, We would walk past them and not even batter an eyelid, yet this little girls took time to stop, and make their day. With everything we have been through over the past few months, yet my daughter isn't bitter or angry like me, She wants to help others. Sometimes we have to go back to thinking like a 5 year old, we need to stop judging and walking past, we need to offer the homeless some help and we need to spare a few moments out of our day to talk to them, We can't save them all but we can make their day just a little bit easier. A five year old child made a difference to a few peoples day and I am extremely proud of her, I know she is going to become a good person!

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