Friday, 29 January 2016

A Week Of Toys, Prosecco And Beauty Everywhere

Wow, there is a week missing from my blog! This is almost unheard of and I always find time to work on my blog. So here I am on a Friday morning, sitting on the sofa drinking Coke Life and eating custard creams with computer open - wondering where the last week has gone.

So last sunday we went to Toyfair 2016, We met with some lovely PR people and saw some amazing toys set to come out this year in time for Christmas and I was excited to see some fab toys that apparently Tilly 'simply must have'. She met some Minions and she was like a kiddie in the toy shop all day. I also met up with Jules from

Monday and Tuesday was spent sorting the house out after Kim moved out. She is now an independent woman, but I did come home from the school run on Monday to find her sitting on my sofa eating breakfast! Tillys new cabin bed was put up, She finally at the age of nearly 6 is out of her junior bed and she loves her bed. She was devastated when I told her that we were giving her Dora The Explorer away to another little girl. She cried for two days and begged me to put it in the attic to keep. I was like ''Its only a bed!'' but she was saying ''Mummy, its my bed'' Now her cabin bed is up, the Dora bed, hasn't even been mentioned!

On Wednesday, I travelled to London after work to stay in a hotel for work. I had a conference on Thursday and with the train line between Dover and Folkestone being a shambles, it is taking a lot longer to get to London than usual. So I was allowed to travel up the night before. I stayed at the Radisson Edwardian Gofton. It was a lovely hotel and very Edwardian in decoration. The staff were professional and helpful, making my trip most enjoyable. Although it seems you have to use your room key for using the life, electric and the door. This smart technology took a bit to get used to as you just hold your key over the lock and it opens like magic. The only way I can describe it is that its like using your Oyster card.

Wednesday night I went to the Metropolitan Hotel In Park Lane to attend a beauty event for GOSH Copenhagen cosmetics with Rachel from The new products on their way are just..... Wow! Lots of Prosecco was drunk and canapes eaten. I returned to my hotel and It felt like I was hotel hopping, I soon fell asleep in my double bed. The room was so hot, and probably not the best idea, but I opened my window. Every 5 minutes I heard sirens going off, good job I am used to being in London otherwise I suppose it could of been quite scary. I soon drifted off and was woken up by some drunks going along the road. I was a bit annoyed to start with, I mean so would you be too if you were suddenly woken up. But when they started singing ''I will survive' by Gloria Gaynor I was in fits of laughter, It is the type of thing I would do with my friends.

I went to attend my fragrance conference, and I gave my name to the lady sitting at the table. She couldn't find me and told me to write my own name on a sticker. I did this and proceeded to the room that I was directed to, She quickly asked me what my role was and I told her 'Sales assistant'. She quickly removed my sticker and told me that I was at the wrong conference, I was at the post natal mental heath conference and Superdrug was further down the corridor ......... To be honest I would of taught them a thing or two about mental health!

My fragrance conference was amazing as usual, lots of new fragrances coming out soon and I will write about them as soon as I get the time. I travelled home and it took just over 3 hours to get home in my front door. I was home by 7.30 and in bed by 8pm, I think going away took it out of me ;)

This takes us back to Friday morning where I am writing this before I dash about getting dressed and catching my slow bus to work.

Have a great weekend guys :)

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