Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Blog Bucket List For 2016, The Things We Wish To Do

So here we are to welcome 2016, and its time to write this years blog bucket list. A list of the things we want to do this year, its kinda like a list of new years resolutions but instead to me its a challenge and it is something for us to focus on. Last year we did quite well and the end of year checked list is found here.

  • Get justice for my family
  • Take a ferry to France with Tilly
  • Book a big Holiday abroad with Tilly
  • Run up escalators the wrong way
  • Take Tilly to Scotland
  • Create Tilly's bedroom to how she wants it!
  • Go on a speedboat AGAIN!
  • Take part in more blog linkies
  • Take Tilly to Cornwall
  • Take Tilly camping
  • Take a leaf from Tilly's book and be more kind to those less fortunate, even if it just means putting more food in the food bank or paying it forward.
  • Watch the sunrise
  • Sleep on the beach
  • Be part of a flash mob
  • Develop my knowledge on a very important subject
  • Look at taking a trip to Dubai
  • Get Tilly back into her own bedroom and do it 'Frozen' style or 'My Little Pony' style, how she wants it
  • Learn more about wine!
  • Grow my social media and be more interactive with it.

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