Friday, 1 January 2016

Getting Out Over Christmas And Using Up Kids Energy

We all look forward to the Christmas break, but ass we get older its so much easier to stay indoors for the whole of the festive period. We all work hard all year long and look forward to some rich food, loads of chocolates and consuming obnoxious amounts of alcohol. The kids don't want to go out, instead preferring to spend their time playing with the new toys. I know even Tilly just wanted to spend her time in her pyjama's, rather than get dressed and going out. So it was a bit of a battle getting her out and about.

She got a new Go-pro for Christmas so eventually with the promise of a scooter along the sea front and the promise of letting her film herself whilst doing to was enough to convince her that she should leave the confines of the house. So we wrapped her up, popped her safety helmet on and off she went to burn up some energy.

Once we were down the seafront, we also had a game of football on the pebbles, it was such a great way to blow away the cobwebs and it was such a fun time to get some exercise into my dear child. Its so good to get kids out exercising, I know this because Tilly is one of the worst people I know for having her kindle stuck in her hand! Making exercise more fun is easy with the help of They have lots of sports items to buy that you can use whilst spending time with your child this winter, rather than staying inside watching the Tv etc.

Football is a great way to spend some quality time exercising with the children, because it involves lots of running around, the kids don't even feel the cold. I don't know the rules but we just make it up as we go along, of course I always lose!
Photo credit to Tribbs_2009 at Pixabay
Another good idea is to look out for kids sports day products that supermarkets sell off at the end of the summer. We got a sack race game from Tesco last summer for about £1.50, keep them for the kids Christmas presents and they think they are playing with the new presents when in reality we are getting them out of the house and doing some sports. I think we forget when they are not at school that they don't do their PE lessons and in the holidays they get into the habit of being a bit lazy and not wanting to have a runabout.

Its harder to get the kids out and motivated in the winter too because they (or indeed even us) don't want to be out in the cold. In the summer kids can play out for hours upon hours, in the winter, its difficult to even get Tilly to open the front door! Even just a run around the garden with them in the winter is fun and it gets us out and about too.

How do you get your kids burning off their energy in the winter?

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