Monday, 18 January 2016

Goosebumps The Movie Review And UK Release Dates

My older kids grew up on Goosebumps, they watched the programmes and one even owned all of the books. So when Tilly came across the series on Netflix a few weeks ago, we all sat down to watch them as a family. With the new Goosebumps movie being released on 4th February in the UK, I thought it would be a great stepping stone to introducing her to the film and the whole Goosebumps franchise

We were lucky enough to go and see the movie at the weekend and I purposely didn't read any reviews before I went because I didn't want it to spoil any surprises in the film. I wanted to make my own mind up about the film and this is what we thought :

The Goosebumps movie doesn't fail to offer a scare a minute with Jack Black playing R.L Stine, a reclusive living next door to a teenage Zach (Dylan Minnette) and his single mum. Jack Black's character is very loosely based on the real R.L Stein and at some parts of the film he is creepy and weird with a kind of odd English accent. But as its Jack Black, you love the character from the moment you see him on screen. He is living under the name of Mr 'Shivers' with his daughter Hannah (Odeya Rush)

Zach can't think of anything worse than moving from New York City to a sleepy town until he meets Hannah  and a friendship blossoms. One night Zach hears Mr 'Shivers' and Hannah arguing and then a scream! So he calls the police and there is no sign of Hannah in the house. Mr 'Shivers' convinces them that Hannah has gone back to live with her mum - Zach knows better and later breaks into the house with his friend Champ (Ryan Lee) who is the town geek and little do they know they are about to unleash a wave of terror through their boring, sleepy little town. They find some manuscripts from R.L Stine and immediately, Champ gets excited as he read them as a child, he reaches for a manuscript and unlocks it. As they are startled by Hannah, the book gets dropped and falls to the floor accidentally unleashing the Abominable Snowman, who causes mayhem throughout the town. Unknown to them the Abominable Snowman has dropped another book on the floor and so the chain of events starts. Slappy the Dummy, who is scary enough for kids and is the character who scares Tilly the most gets out of the book and releases all of the other monsters and chaos is created throughout the town. He uses his army of monsters to get revenge on R.L Stine and its down to him and the three teenagers to save the town and get rid of the monsters.

This film is rated as PG movie and Tilly is 5 years old, she actually spent some of the time sitting on my knee to watch the movie. This is a sign that she was soaking up the film and is a compliment to the actors and director making it so believable for the youngsters. There is plenty of adult/ teenage humour in the film so it is just as much fun for the adults watching it too and as the kids that used to watch the programmes when they were younger, are now parents themselves it makes it a real family movie because its bringing the family together to watch a movie that's based on a an old programme. I would say if you're taking your children, then its a good to have a bit of back ground knowledge of the older stories as they are bought to life in the film. It adds a bit of drama to the film because you know how what mayhem these monsters can cause.

The film is very good and has a twist at the end, that I didn't expect! We would give this film a 5* rating but I feel Tilly was slightly to young for the film. I would recommend this film for children between 7 and 13 but as it is a PG, parents will have to go too and I think the parents will enjoy it just as much - if not more than the kids.

Goosebumps is released on Friday 5th Febuary 2016, with a few cinemas showing advance screenings the week before. Go and see it!

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