Friday, 22 January 2016

Help..... Tilly wants a party!

So Tilly has asked me for a birthday party! Horrified doesn't even start to cover how I feel about now! There is so much to do!

  • I need to book a hall
  • I need to find an entertainer 
  • I need to look at food 
  • I need to get a list of all the kids in her class, because that's right - she wants to invite them all, as well as other friends outside of school
  • There is food to sort out
  • There is a theme to sort out
  • I need to write the invites, like yesterday (according to Tilly)
  • I need party wear to order, luckily are helping us out with this
  • I need party bags to sort out (luckily I have a few bits that were picked up in the sale)
  • I need copious amounts of wine just to organise it 
In reality I think it is so sweet that Tilly wants a birthday party. I think its a big thing when you're going to be 6 and you have such a huge circle of friends in your class that you need to invite EVERYONE! I mean I offered to take 3 of her friends to Kidzania and London for a day out, that would of been so much more better for my sanity. We had a huge party for her third birthday and I swore I would never do it again! I promised her that we would go to Disneyland Paris for her 4th birthday - And we did. We spent her 4th birthday having lunch with all the Disney princesses. 

Her fifth birthday fell on the day I was returning from an adults weekend at Butlins. She wanted a party and I managed to talk her into having a little tea party. The fabulous staff at The Hole In The Roof Bar and Hotel put on a little tea party for her and a few friends, So I got off the train from Bognor about 10 minutes before her party started. I was so hungover and I think I had the shakes but she had a lovely little party. 

So this year it is back to the big party, she has so many idea's it is giving me brain ache. So off I go to sort out a party for a very special little girl. Wish me luck!

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