Thursday, 21 January 2016

The Family That Lost Everything #GoFundMe

Burnt but not brokenI want to help out a special friend of mine and her family that was hit with a horrific tragedy that has affected so many of her family. Asha from Asha Butterfly's has had a tragedy hit her grandparents leaving them without a home. Please read her story, watch the video and if you can donate any amount of money to the family's GoFundMe account it would be appreciated . Read her story below. T
his is probably the hardest post that I have ever written. This past Friday January 16 2016, the world changed for my grandparents in Texas. The world for them is Burnt But Not Broken for them. They are humble people that lived on a farm all of their life, the home that was built with their two hands, and a family that meant the world to them

Built on love 

Go fund me While my grandfather was outside gathering some brush to burn. He set it on fire and stood back to watch the flame before his eyes. Before he had know it the fire was heading to the house. My grandfather, panicked and tried to put out the fire however, his efforts while heartfelt was to much for him to handle on his own. The fire got picked up and lite the vacant trailer next door to the house. In a matter of just a few hours the two house were gone and only a layer of ash and burnt items were left. While he was trying to put out the fire he fell very hard in the the fire and it caused some serious injuries. My grandfather was airlifted to Corpus Christi Hospital, they did what they could their at the hospital. He nevertheless had to be transported to the Brook Army Hospital Burn Unit in San Antonio. Today January 20 2016, my grandfather has to go I for skin graft surgery. He had third degree burns on his left side of his body and some parts are so bad that he needed to get skin graft surgery. I can't imagine what my grandmother must be feeling as she sees her home that she has raised all her kids in, has gone up in smoke. A home that for so many summers that me and my brothers went too. A home that my son, had so much fun playing at last time we were in Texas. My cousin Arnold has set up a Go Fund Me account today and if you can donate any amount it will be so appreciated.

Thank you for watching and if you can donate that would be a big help to my family.

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