Monday, 4 January 2016

Whats New From Superdrug For The New Year? COLAB And MUA

Recently Superdrug sent me a couple of products from their new exclusive ranges to try out and give my feedback back to my readers. These products included items from the MUA and CO-LAB range

MUA - The brand came into Superdrug a few years ago and tested the water with all products costing £1 and it was a huge success. I am a big believer in the lipsticks and they are still only £1, but they are just as good quality as other leading brands.
So I was sent the new limited edition Glitz - A metallic Liquid Lipstick. This looks very much like a lip gloss yet it has the staying power of a long stay lipstick. This lipstick is gorgeous to wear, it tastes nice when you apply it and it really does stay in place, The colour is intense and its beautiful when you wear it. The metallic liquid adds a different look to your lips. You apply it with the wand and it seems to 'set' straight away. But the lipstick does bleed and I ended up totally oblivious at work as my lovely lipstick made me look like a clown had put their make up on in the dark. To counteract this I would use a lip liner to make sure the lip stick stays where it should. Buy a lip liner close to the colour of your natural lips, then if your lipstick wears away through the day, you don't have the embarrassing lip liner marks left. This lipstick is available now from Superdrug. As a customer I would wear this lipstick out as long as I wore the lip liner with it, I love the bold colour and I think it makes people aware that your in the room on a night out, it also has a fab shine to it. As a sales assistant I would make the customers aware of the bleeding before they bought it.
sadly, it is visible with the bleeding and you can see some staining underneath my lips
The Smoke and Smoulder Eye Primer is a black eye primer and really its about time someone bought out a black primer to go underneath darker smoky looks. Its so easy to use too

  • Apply to your eye lid and blend it in using your finger, Blending with your finger gives you a better finish.
  • Leave it to drive for a moment.
  • Apply your selected eyeshadow shade over the top of the primer.
  • Check out the smoky, sultry look you're now wearing on your eyes. 
  • Another way you can wear it is over your eyeshadow to give yourself a deeper look in certain areas of your eyelid.
This primer is well worth buying, it keeps your eyeshadow in place all night long. After the lip stick, i wasn't sure what to expect with this, after all black primer is kinda different isn't it? But I would definitely sell this! It does exactly what it says on the package and as you can see from the picture (although it looked better in real life) but the eyeshadow is bolder with the use of the black primer.

For the hair we have some great products from the COLAB range, over the past few months they have launched their range of travel dry shampoo cans, that are perfect for sprucing your hair up on a night out or if you're out for a day and you need to add a bit of ooomph to your hair. Perfect also for festivals and weekends away as they fit into hand luggage. COLAB was created by Ruth Crilly, an international fashion and beauty model whose expert tips and tricks have seen her blog and YouTube channel grow and grow. So you can find COLAB in the blogger bay in Suoerdrug alongside the likes of Tanya Burr and Zoella. The shampoo is also invisible so it leaves no white marks at all. It doesnt leave your hair looking greasier like some I have used before and I regularly recommend this to my customers.

The COLAB  Luxe Shine Mist. smooths and fragrances your hair with the Infusion of a blend of precious oils, silk extracts & shimmering diamond dust. It also has a lovely fragrance aroma with notes of Cashmere, Bergamot & Oud for a truly indulgent finish. This spray is perfect for going out after a hard day at work, especially if you work somewhere that has intense smells (chip shop comes to mind). you can have a wash but smells linger in your hair. A simple spray of this and your hair smells fresh and fragrant. The shimmering diamond dust gives your hair a shine, so if its dull and lifeless, this would perk it up for a special occasion or night out.

All these products are available at and if you click on the individual links, it will take you directly to the products.

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