Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Why Do Kids Keep Coming Home? The Boomerang Kid Society

24 years this year I have been a mother ....... 24 long years! I would love to say it has been a piece of p**s, but in reality it hasn't. I was a single mum for most of that time, My kids never went without. In fact at times they had a better upbringing than a few of their friends in the respect of the things they did. They went back-packing around europe with me as kids and took a road trip around Ireland. I worked long hours to afford the latest gadgets and the best trainers.

We lived in a 2 bedroomed house, it was tiny and we were bursting at the seams, but I owned it mortgage free, thanks to a divorce payout - It worked out well being married for 5 months. It was 5 long months but I have never had a better paid job. £27,000 for 5 months work is pretty good going!  So it gave me enough to buy my home - my first home for my children.
When Tilly came along, our house was bursting more, but it was bursting with love and joy .......... sorry I mean't hormonal teenagers and a crying baby. But it was still our home and we all loved being together, As they got older it got increasingly difficult for us to all live together and Beth moved out - But the less said about this, the better because we all know how that ended! Zach moved to Norway to work and it was just Kimmy, Tilly and me. We did love having the space, but I missed having my family close. Seeing your child move to another country is the hardest thing in the world, knowing you cant be there to protect your child and be there if he needs me was difficult but then I put my big girl knickers on and learned to get on with it.

After 6 months he came home, Then another 6 months later moved out, then 8 months later moved back home again...... He has moved his stuff in and out so many times that I have lost count. And now he is preparing for a new adventure, that is a big secret so I better not tell everyone..... yet.

Last weekend Kim told me she is moving out, at the grand old age of 23 she is finally spreading her wings and going out into the whole wide world herself. When she told me that she was moving out, what was my reaction? YAY, I finally get an office for my blogging! Having said that to her I suddenly thought maybe she wanted me to be a bit sad, maybe she thought I couldn't wait for her to go. I have said for many years that it will be nice when the older ones move out and its just me and Tilly, we have never lived on our own. Maybe the kids thought I couldn't be trusted to bring up a child on my own, Maybe they thought I would be too engrossed on social media to remember the school pick up. But I guess its now time for Kim to let me go and make my own way in the world!

Sometimes I actually do forget who is the adult in the family.

So as Kim gets ready to start a new chapter of her life, So do Tilly and I. To cope with the change Kim has given Tilly a teddy bear to cuddle when she goes. This teddy has been filled with kisses and cuddles from Kim, so if Tilly is sad or down she just hugs her bear. You can order your own bear from  Now I wonder what our living circumstances will be in 6 months time, how many kids will be at home with us? I don't mind of course because they know they can always be my boomerang kids and they are always welcome back to my tiny two bedroomed home and I will again become the old lady who lived in a shoe and had too many kids that she didnt know what to do.

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