Saturday, 16 January 2016

Why We Love Legoland Windsor And Why It Makes The Perfect Day Out

We have been visiting Legoland Windsor since the older kids were younger, They are now 23, 21 and 20. So They grew up on Legoland and looked forward to the summer trips we used to make there. As the kids got older we went less and less as they would want to go to Thorpe Park instead, so when Tilly was a year old we looked at getting Merlin passes and it mean't unlimited visits to Legoland as well as the other Merlin attractions and it worked out that we saved a lot of money!

When I mentioned Legoland to the older kids, they were so excited and they wanted to go back. There is something about Legoland that makes adults turn into kids again! We live in Kent and stay with family a few miles away from Legoland and then its so easy to access for us, sometimes it easy just to pop there for the afternoon. But even if you live in Kent/London/ anywhere else it is so easy to get to with the trains from Paddington to Windsor. Then there is a bus that takes you right up to the park gates. Its easy to drive to as well, and there is a huge on site car park.

We started taking Tilly to Legoland when she was 17 months old, and the best thing about the theme park is that it is ideal for little ones too because there are rides the babies can go on, like the Desert Chase, Heartlake City Express and Coastguard HQ being just a few of the rides. But for the older kids there were the more thrilling rides for them to have fun riding, We also made the most of the parent swap system they have in place (make sure you collect your card from the information window when you get to the park). This mean't that we could all go on the big rides, two of us would go on the faster rides and I would wait with the baby, then as the ride finished we would swap and I would go on the ride with one of the older kids. As she got older, Tilly was able to join us on the bigger rides and in fact her first grown up roller coaster ride was at Legoland Windsor when she went on The Dragon.

There is something for everyone at Legoland Windsor and you can make a real day of it. My favourite time is the summer, when Tilly can play in the water in Duplo City! The Atlantis Submarine Voyage is a real family favourite as it gets you really up close and personal with the undersea creatures and Tilly actually believes she is in a submarine under the sea. Its interactive and all the kids get involved with the pushing buttons.

You do have to queue for some of the rides, especially in the summer and peak times but its made more fun with the models next to rides, this helps to pass the time and the queuing isn't so bad! Don't worry about taking a picnic, there are plenty of places to get food and we are fans of the City Walk Pizza and Pasta place as there is something for everyone and you can eat as much as you want.

She loves to go and see all the models in the park, and these days she has grand designs for her Lego at home. It gives her loads of ideas and she uses her imagination to create towns and houses when she gets home. The models in Legoland are great too because it shows so many landmarks of the world and children get to see miniature versions of them, Tilly particularly likes going to see the London landmarks as she recognises most of the places.

There is nothing we can fault Legoland for, it has been keeping my children happy for nearly 20 years and I am sure it will for many more years to come,. Legoland has given my children so many happy childhood memories and we are thankful for that. With the on site hotel now, it makes a visit to Legoland so much easier.

We would love to create more memories with Legoland as part of the Legoland Ambassador 2016 scheme, This post is written as part of our application.

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