Saturday, 6 February 2016

Apple Watch And Its Benefits - Look What Kimmy Got For Christmas

Today My blog is taken over by Kimmy, daughter number one as she talks about her Apple Watch.

For Christmas this year mum was lucky enough to win a Apple watch sport from Affilinet. As a loyal customer of apple, I have wanted an Apple watch since they announced they were releasing them. However I have never had the money to spend £300+ on a watch. So you can imagine my excitement when my mum told me that she had won one for Christmas.

The model I received was the Apple Watch Sport 38mm silver aluminium case with white sports band. I waited patiently for my post man and as soon as I heard the door I ran to open my new watch. I spent the next few hours setting it up and exploring the settings. I found it very quick and easy to pair with my iPhone 6 using the app already downloaded on my iPhone.

As soon as the watch and phone were paired I was able to access my contacts and a selection of my apps on my watch. I soon receive a text message and was able to click reply on my watch, it then gave me a selection of frequently used replies which i could press to rely or could press voice activation icon and dictate a reply which could be then send as a voice recorded message or written text. shortly after I receive a phone call and was able to answer it on my watch just like I would on my phone. I was still able to clearly hear the other person and they claimed that they could here me just as well as if I had answered on the phone, it sounded like I was using speaker phone.

One feature of the Apple watch that I really enjoying using is checking my heartbeat.

Once you turn on the watch you can change the clock face. There are 10 different design to chose from and all can be customized. I have chosen the Mickey mouse one and can easily change it when I want a different one.

One of features I love is the changeable strap. The watch came with a white strap but you can buy different colours from the Apple website.

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