Thursday, 4 February 2016

Bratz Remix Cloe Doll, Unboxing Review #BratzBFF

Bratz made a return last year, with some new ideas and the dolls were bought right up into the noughties with newer fashionable accessories and toned down make up. They are still the same Bratz, just a little more up to date. With the new year starting, they have bought out some more new, super stylish doll with super cool accessories. This month see's the launch of Bratz Remix Dolls

Grab your headphones, turn on your favourite playlist and mix it up with Cloe, Yasmin, Jade and Sasha are back rocking with their animal inspired headphones as part of their fab-as-ever outfits, the remix collection showcases the girls’ favourite playlists. (Individual dolls RRP £12.99), these dolls are inspirational for little girls and certainly fun to play with.

Tilly's favourite doll is Cloe who loves dancing around to all the hottest top 40 songs. She is a #PopPrincess. We have Yasmin who loves nothing more than relaxing to acoustic covers, especially as she meditates in her peaceful corner. She really is a #LyricalSoul! On the other extreme, Sasha has a  playlist that is filled with dance remixes both old and new.She loves to  #LiveOutLoud. Lasly but not least, Jade is all about hitting the skate park while listening to her high-energy electro-pop music. She just wants to  #Roar!

Tilly was sent a Bratz Remix Doll as a surprise package to open with her BFF. Tilly went to see her friend Little Miss S and they both had a gift with a card on the front and they both wrote why they love their BFF. Tilly has known Little Miss S since she was a tiny baby, So they really have been best friends forever!

We have made a little video of the unboxing, I hope you like it. Its so nice that they both got the same Cloe Bratz doll as they could pretend to be twins. Little Miss S has older siblings so she has older Bratz dolls, but she said she prefers the new Bratz doll as she is so much prettier and natural looking. They love all the joints and both girls loved how trendy the dolls were, its important for a doll to have a mobile phone I am told. The dolls do come with everyday technology that our children use, so I think children want to play with them more.

One thing we noticed when we took Cloe outside was that she has purple streaks in her hair, This made her even more exciting for Tilly. The girls like that you can mix and match the accessories available in packs that you can buy from places like Toys R Us or The Entertainer. The clothes are totally removable and so are the shoes.

You can have fun on the Bratz Website, where there are games to play and a little background on the dolls. It also offers information about where to buy the Bratz dolls.

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